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ID 280223

Chris Maguire

Co-founded Etsy, Co-founded Postling ( sold to LocalVox in 2012 ), Currently Product Lead at Catchafire

ID 47854

Colin Poindexter

ID 81

Jim Young


Currently: founder of @perceptual-networks. Before: founder of HotOrNot, @i-o-ventures, Megatasty. PhD, UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 42758

Nurzhas Makishev


Investor, Entrepreneur, Developer, @StartupChile Judge, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS Econ Math, @wharton-school MBA, @harvard MPA

ID 123600

Elijah Murray

CTO & Cofounder @lenda. @500startups Graduate. UXD background; full stack developer; Buying low, selling high since age 12.

ID 278918

Lisandro Quiñones

Founder of Veercade. Strong systems engineering and product implementation background. Hold engineering degrees from MIT and Columbia University.

ID 256623

Sanghoon Kwak

Founder @slidejoy • Product Manager @quantcast, Software Engineer @oracle-corporation • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school

ID 81206

Chris Conley

Engineering Lead at @realscout . Previously at @monetate and founder of @houdini. BS in Electrical Engineering (@pennsylvania-state-university).

ID 9074

Zachary Melamed

Founding Team & VP of Engineering @connect , Formerly Tech Co-Founder @launchrock

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 127996

Isaac Sukin

Dorm Room Fund, First Round Capital, CBP3, Drupal, Wharton. I like cookies, coding, startups, gaming, and solving intractable problems. ENTJ, 2400/2400 SAT

ID 144330

Brad Bonkoski

Worked at @yahoo, @kabam, @shazam • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 499332

Mayank Gupta

UPenn CS; know some stuff about Python; worked at SecondMarket in NYC; enjoy science fiction; focus on backend

ID 665

Tim Kissane

Linux and Open Source evangelist, owner of Timbury Computer Services, techie. Web developer since '95. Love scripting, solving tech problems. B.S. in Physics.

ID 43820

Caine Tighe

CTO @duckduckgo

ID 170387

Aaron Silverman

Code slinger at Video Blocks. Formerly at Opower and Applied Predictive Technologies. Co-creator of Lightning Poll and Doodle or Die. Private pilot.

ID 102857

Kimberly Blessing

Web Architect for Big Companies (AOL, @paypal, @comcast), Author, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

ID 40031

Andy Mroczkowski

Co-founder, CTO at @mindsnacks. Software generalist, mobile specialist.

ID 1926

Amanda Steinberg

Team member of @dailyworth.

ID 762895

Nathan Fraenkel

Master's student at UPenn (done in Dec '14), strong iOS, KPCB Engineering Fellow '12, hard worker and passionate guy.

ID 224348

Christopher Sciolla

Co-Founder of Towni Localistics. I am passionate about connecting products with people and analyzing the emotions that bind the two together.

ID 150640

Jason Sherman

CEO & Founder of @instamour • Owner of consulting company since 2003. Tech writer and serial entrepreneur. BS in Computer Information Systems Management.

ID 547070

Graham Smith

Full stack generalist

ID 330550

Anna Thalia Parks

CTO and Co-Founder of TheSocialer. UPenn CS Engineering 2013.

ID 152951

Luke Bayas

Founder @locally-1 • Worked at @hitachi-data-systems, @invensys-inc • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 88405

Dillon Compton

Growth/Sales @primeloop. Previously Product @mulesoft, Founder/CTO @jobfig, and Software Engineering @intuit. Love great UX, GP, data, and learning new things.

ID 327717

Anthony Putignano

VP Engineering, WizeHive; Co-founder, DistiSuite; Highly experienced enterprise SaaS entrepreneur & engineer

ID 60070

Brian Schroeder

Owner, SchroederDev LLC

ID 37103

Chaochi Chang

CEO of Flirq. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab alumni. Worked at IBM and Orange Labs Boston.

ID 278502

Jeff Deville

CTO at Packlate, delivered Lean Development talk at Wharton. Hands-on, full stack developer/(project) manager

ID 445044

Jeffrey Tratner

Works @nearwoo. Developer interested in data analysis and beautiful, simple code

ID 453478

Nilesh Kavthekar

Student @wharton-school & @university of Pennsylvania. Partner @Dorm Room Fund. Managing Director @Weiss Tech House.

ID 227877

Lane Rettig

Co-founder/CTO at @seratis. @berkeley CS, @wharton-school MBA. Worked at D. E. Shaw & Co. in NYC and HK. Polyglot, runner, adventurer, mold-breaker, hacker.

ID 79469

Gregory Phillips

Co-founder/CTO at @kwelia. Formerly developed demand forecasting software for the consumer packaged goods industry. Passionate about data-driven products.

ID 304151

Elliot Boschwitz

Studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UPenn. Worked as the social media and online marketing manager of

ID 7007

Brandon Griggs

Founder @knack. @dreamit alum. Founded successful web-dev agency right after compsci degree. Designer/developer in love with full-stack @javascript .

ID 283897



Neuroscientist, Electrophysiologist; Founder; Biotech Consultant; Designer; Pecha Kucha Curator. MIT. Wharton. Punctual.

ID 235693

Brian Peacock

Design & Dev at @brighttag . Founder of @fastfig. Studied @lafayette-college College.

ID 74676

Patrick Mandia


Product Lead @whisper Investor/Engineer @launchpadla • Previously @notion, @myyearbook, @princeton-university-1

ID 186663

Joel Dietz

Cryptorevolutionary. Founder Swarm

ID 350122

Joey Capers

The FN Media Group parent company of @TheFNRadio @TheFNMag @TheFNMascot @TheFNStudio @LifeAfterTweets Coming Soon #WelcomeToTheNet

ID 258201

Niko Kurtzman

Founder HumanOn • Worked at @ibm, @tritek-solutions • Studied at @duke-university, @university-of-pennsylvania, @jefferson-medical-college

ID 485712

Aaron Friedlander

Worked at @cloudmine • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 288487

Corey Wendling

Software developer. Systems architect. Leader.

ID 43313

David Walsh


ID 406607

Jacob Wolf

Founder Ordinance Records • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 280948

Keith Elliott

Web & Mobile Developer, with business and creative skills --- Passionate about family, coding and entrepreneurship

ID 122827

Ohad Kedar

Co-Founder & CEO at @wetrip - Social travel platform

ID 57937

Dave Drager

CTO @xda-developers

ID 452368

Nick Tang

Rails Developer

ID 208721

Fran Gillott

Founder DeliveryCrowd • Worked at @general-electric, @ingersoll-rand @iron-mountain • Industrial Engineer from @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 435469

Roopak Majmudar

Founder @popinshop, @kickir-studios • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-waterloo

ID 571804

Tony Xie

UPenn CS. Have made multiple Rails applications and Chrome Extensions. Know Ruby, Rails, Coffeescript, HTML, CSS, Git.

ID 60629

Sanket Firodiya

ID 489334

Jimmy Kwon

Junior at Wharton | Co-Founder/CEO of Blink | True Ventures TEC Fellow | Intern at Streetline | Investment Analyst at OATV | Designer at Seratis

ID 89003

Eric Gaumer

Search engineer at @fast-search-transfer. Engineering consultant at @microsoft. Chief architect at @esr-technologies. Founder at Cloud9Search.

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 772666

Michael Ellan

12+ years of full stack web application development experience, five being in leadership roles spanning clients such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, and Harley Davidson.

ID 381913

Pratham Mittal

Cofounder @venturepact • Previously @newsance , @host-committee • Graduated from @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 37908

Harshil Parikh

Founder @tuva-labs. 3rd startup, first as founder. UIUC Physics'07. Educator & self-taught programmer.

ID 347036

Chris Baglieri

I'm an engineer. I make things. I build startups. I lead teams. I organize events. I care about aesthetics. I dig plaid, chucks, and loud music.

ID 550427

Mitch Skiles

Co-founder of @hangify. Student at Amherst College

ID 371783

Sam Halperin

Full stack generalist, with Android and JS focus, education junky.

ID 219615

Gorkem Yurtseven

Homo sapiens. Student @Penn. Last Summer @thinkbinder.

ID 376063

Gavin Potts

Founder & COO @well-fed, @faculty-creative • Worked at @1-trick-pony, @brownstein-group • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology, @university-of-new-mexico

ID 138696

Pam Selle

Passionate engineer/hacker, JavaScripter, Pythonista. Teach JavaScript, web dev, Python, Ruby.

ID 119568

Casey Liscum

Software Engineer at @rightaction; Strong systems background; Past experience in research software at @thomson-reuters; Fledgling organic gardener.

ID 532330

Kevin Lee

Seeking an analytics-related software engineering internship for the summer of 2014, with previous experience in corporate data and social media analytics.

ID 686176

Cody Norman

Rails developer with

ID 173882

Mathew Goldsborough

Software engineer, entrepreneur.

ID 119566

Peter Georgantas

VP of Engineering at @club-os; Never met a puzzle I didn't like, especially in software; Past experiences at @rightaction and @citigroup

ID 241954

Sean Welleck

Penn CS Master's student; Interested in AI, Machine Learning, Functional Programming; Interned at IBM and Citi.

ID 59553

Michael O'Boyle

Full Stack Rails Developer, Freelance CTO, Designer, Startup Advisor

ID 746679

Zhen (Stephen) Gou

Computer Graphics student at Penn. Interned at Blizzard last summer, done multiple personal game projects.

ID 580693

Matti Åstrand

Mathematician who can code, PhD student at Penn, experience in mobile apps since 2003

ID 538945

Perry Metzger

Founder @wasabi-systems-inc, @metzger-dowdeswell-co-llc • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @columbia-university

ID 317245

Vinny Inverso

Engineer at Clutch

ID 491136

Tom Hogans

Rutgers CS, full stack developer. Experienced with product development, building tech teams, and scaling web apps.

ID 703506

Alex Miller

Data scientist @smartypal-1. Experience in online marketing, backend/frontend web development, and analytics. B.A. in applied mathematics (summa cum laude).

ID 467405

Jeremy J. Roberts

Co-Founder of PointView • past Technical Director at LonMark • strategist | technologist | presenter | programmer | leader | creator | poor golfer but likes it.

ID 526992

Francisco de Villalobos

MSE in Robotics (UPenn). Natural Entrepreneur with experience in varios online startups. Project Management role while still developing. Excellent people skills

ID 385012

Jon Moore

Worked at @comcast, @comcast-interactive-media • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 419268

Menglong Zhu

Upenn CS PhD, computer vision scientist.

ID 753718

Phil Matheson

Creative problem solver, software craftsman and architect looking to build a great startup with great people.

ID 231750

Brendten Eickstaedt

CTO of Mavizon. Software veteran. Data hacker. Reconnecting people to the real world using data and mobile. BA @northwestern-university, MSCS @depaul-university

ID 351589

Shruti Saxena

Upenn Masters (Systems Engineering);Worked at a startup;Hardworking and Creative;Oil Painting;Speech Signal Separation;Fast Learner;Made a working prototype of a washer dryer combo.

ID 594511

Sanketh DInakara Shetty

First year master's student in university of pennsylvania majoring in Embedded systems. My interest broadly lies in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems which include the development of smart connected embedded systems for applications in various domains.

ID 91565

Bryan Cardillo

Application development manager with a proven record of delivering software solutions in demanding environments. Experienced global leader with expertise in applying technology to achieve results. Specialized knowledge of distributed systems and large-sc

ID 528341

Michael Flynn

Tech Co-Founder EveryEvent • Worked at @infonautics, @mediaguide-inc • Studied at @drexel-university, @electrical-and-computer-engineer

ID 654646

Jay Tarlecki

Automated myself out of my own mechanical engineering job by teaching myself programming and creating a web service to make myself obsolete.

ID 97476

Charles Szymanski

CTO and Cofounder @kuhcoon. Develop frontend and backend. Javascript and big data are my specialties.

ID 159582

Michael Sonsino

Accomplished software professional with a broad skill set built on strong fundamentals. Focused on allowing people to work more efficiently and effectively

ID 562453

Avinash Repaka

Univ of Pennsylvania. Masters in Embedded Systems. Computer Networks, C & C++. Knowledge in both hardware and software.

ID 139940

Lauren Frazier

Founder and CTO of Nymbly. @university-of-pennsylvania BSE 2011 / MSE 2012. iOS Developer. Hobbyist actor. Gamer. Work in progress.

ID 454675

Renat Bekbolatov

Founded Sparky Dots (2014), ViciniTalk (2012), Suhbat (2002) - principal architect and developer. Worked at Amazon, AudienceScience, SIG, Bank of America.

ID 580315

Colin Heffernan

Computer Engineering Student at Dartmouth College, Worked at Vertex Inc, Varsity Lacrosse

ID 767460

Susan Fowler

Physicist from UPenn, project engineer and data analyst for the ATLAS experiment, Particle Physics Monte Carlo expert, software engineer, electrical engineer.

ID 878104

Alexander Shoulson

PhD student at UPenn; Published Research on Game AI and Interactive Narrative; Worked at Disney and Electronic Arts

ID 156003

Gotce Peev

CTO, GeoTraffic Networks

ID 528154

Mitesh Mehta

Full stack generalist with experience working in startup environment.

ID 115193

Bharani Mani

Founder of, 12 years of work experience in building software products, including mission critical real time stock quote & telephony applications

ID 32457

Randy Schmidt

Founder of @lose-it-or-lose-it and Cofounder of @nerd-merit-badges. I like coming up with novel ways of making money. I don't like making money with adverts.

ID 704434

Pranav Sahay

UPenn MS Embedded Systems Engineering; Cyber Physical Systems, IoT and Machine Learning Enthusiast; Worked at Real Time Innovations Inc.,

ID 278247

Patrick B Kelly

Strong combination of Front End and Back End management and development capabilities enables quick creation of fast, scalable, tightly integrated products.

ID 752671

Vivek Menon

UPenn Student, Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering; started and sold textbook exchange company

ID 344877

Edward R. Mazurek

Web Developer at @drexel-university and @biomeme. Maker at NextFab Studio. Able to take on multiple roles. @williams-college College.

ID 464172

Isobeye Daso

Current University of Pennsylvania CS student

ID 506226

Pierre Rohel

UPenn CS

ID 849383

Vuppala Navya

University of Pennsylvania CS. Worked at Microsoft and Goldman Sachs.

ID 800812

Legarlin Li

Student at UPenn. Full stack generalist. Strong design sensibilities. Interned at Microsoft and NewsCred.

ID 499318

Charu Jangid

Currently building the future of SDN @GencoreSystems. Pursuing Computer Science, Marketing & Statistics @Penn. Previously @microsoft and @Booz.

ID 518960

Rishabh Gulati

University of Pennsylvania Embedded Systems, Worked at Infosys Limited

ID 146820


Swarthmore CS&Economics, Full stack generalist

ID 507369

Frank(Zhongqi) Yue

Full time researcher at UPenn, working on computational modeling and image analysis.

ID 542199

Karthik Alle

Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania

ID 554295

Karan Sawhney

Embedded systems, C/C++, firmware, Microcontrollers

ID 466457

Ryan O'Hara

Full-stack developer at a research hospital in Philly. Developed iPad app that ranked #1 in iTunes store. Life-long coder and former UPenn wrestler.

ID 507665

Karen Man

Bioengineer from University of Pennsylvania; working at Epic, the leader in EMR software in the U.S.; interested in the push for digitizing healthcare

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 133215

Sreeni Jakka

I help start-ups with technology advisory, product incubation and build out. Currently focusing on Social Networking, Web 2.0, and Mobile Applications.

ID 162610

Karan Hiremath

Management and Technology Student @ University of Pennsylvania; Studying CompSci and Management; Worked @ @office-of-naval-research and @basecamp-ventures

ID 195067

Mike Adeleke

Co-founder at @domi-1. We make college housing easy. @drexel-university @indiana-university

ID 544800

Arun Venkataramanan

Looking for Embedded Software/Firmware engineering full time positions

ID 713770

Matteo Miazzo

Haverford College Physics

ID 236069

Gundeep Singh Bhamra

UPenn, MS in Computer Graphics. Interned at DreamWorks Animation. Interested in simulations and rendering.

ID 448413

Kevin Jenkins

UPenn CSE, self-taught iOS/Objective-C developer, launched my own iPhone game (, primary developer of the Artisan iOS SDK (

ID 572657

Karan Pradhan

UPenn CIS. Interested in Large Scale Systems and Internet Systems

ID 540926

Vaibhav N Bhat

Actively looking to work as an intern in an exciting startup. Pursuing MSE in computer engineering from UPenn

ID 211624


ID 205415

Cat Hu

Penn Computer Engineering C'2014

ID 779763

Sean Lynch

Upenn CS. Co-Founder PennApps Fellows. CCNA In-Progress. Web Scraper, GIS enthusiast, Digital Anthropologist.

ID 570423

Prashant Joshi

University of Pennsylvania Computer Science student,

ID 506953

Jacob Brenza

Ivy League Bioengineering Graduate looking for position in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, consulting, programming, or data processing/analysis.

ID 517845

Sahil Hirpara


ID 79548

X Li

Full-stack JavaScript and Python developer

ID 600256

Cheyne Rood

Founder @distisuite, @goodhill-solutions • Former lead developer at @house-party

ID 513341

Ryan Petersen

@arcweb Software Engineer • @drexel-university MS CS graduate • Worked at @boeing • Studied and played football at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 534771

Sijie Tian

Penn Computer Graphics and Game Technology.

ID 503749

Derek Jobst

University of Pennsylvania Computer Science, Experienced in Web Design/Development and Video Production.

ID 561542

Brittany Binler

UPenn CS grad student with Fine Arts background

ID 445679

Nicholas Hilem

Univ of Penn MS Graduate; Full Stack generalist; Worked in all aspects of Product delivery; Looking to work with bright people who will challenge and push me.

ID 237112

Chenyang Zhu

UPenn CS, 2 iOS Apps

ID 498238

Sam Rossi

Back-end web developer, database enthusiast

ID 539249

Rohit Kothur

University of Pennsylvania CIS

ID 741437

Boyang Zhang

ID 567407

Utsav Mehta

Research Assistant at mLab,Real Time Embedded Systems Lab, University of Pennsylvania

ID 41037

Jeffrey McCary

Software solution architect and entrepreneur. Co-Founder of @talkfavorites-me. Started and successfully ran custom app shoppe for over 10 years. Let's build!

ID 874668

Shashank A M

Masters student at UPenn, CS. Full Stack Generalist

ID 739069

Akshaya Venugopal

Carnegie Mellon University (ETC), Technical Artist. Experienced in 3D Modelling, Rigging, Animation and Scripting.

ID 432211

Naresh Rajendra

Drexel Electrical Engineering Masters Student. Have significant programming experience as well.

ID 524855

Justin Pagano

Web Architect @dwellaware. BS Computer Science, Villanova University.

ID 659614

Varun Agarwal

University of Pennsylvania CS,Rising Junior,Intern at Pwc and Oracle.

ID 257995

Jevon Yeoh

Dual degree in CS and Finance from UPenn. Primary language is Java with experience in C, Linux, RoR.

ID 347793

Hooman Javaheri

Works at @rjmetrics . Team member at @psassy . Worked at @akamai • Studied at @sharif-university-of-technology, @northeastern-university

ID 783680

Dan Hopkins

Haverford College Computer Science major

ID 322065

andrew warshaver

CMU Comp Sci. Competition Programming - topcoder, ACM ICPC World Finals. Experience at 2 big data startups. Full stack and system architecture experience.

ID 56576

Marc Tobias

Emergency medicine physician. Programmer.

ID 501341

Alex Grintsvayg

Web Wizard • Founder @topscore

ID 16501

David T. Domzalski

Founded @nutjobfans - sports social network & @FinancialBin - social media consulting. Self-published 2 books. Learning to code with CS50x via HarvardX / edX.

ID 653993

Maya Ebsworth

Penn CS junior, focusing in computer graphics, looking to build software with service and social impact in mind.

ID 62428

Adam Nash

Former writer / producer at Starlight Runner, composer / game designer at This is Pop. Masters degree from ITP / NYU

ID 561594

Rachel Hwang

UChicago CS, interested in NLP/speech processing and distributed systems. Solid background in cs theory and linguistics, strong C programmer.

ID 159713

Sabir Shrestha

Software Engineering with Java and front-end JavaScript Experience

ID 854482

Sundar Ram Swaminathan

New graduate; MS (Electrical) student at Drexel University, Philadelphia; Research Assistant at Computational Imaging Lab; Funded by NIH (R01 grant) 

ID 768124

Tahmid Shahriar

Penn CIS, launched two websites, made three Java games, currently learning iOS development

ID 524740

Chris Beyer

Penn Engineer, Product Developer, Coffee Connoisseur

ID 678697

Keith Doyle

Front End Developer. Self-taught, financial services background, graduate degree in Marketing (2015).

ID 151499

Andy Das

Built and sold companies. MS and MBA with 4.0 GPA

ID 90956

Justin Furniss

Founder at SocialPar. Design focused engineer that is at home building UIs and backends. Previously ran a large development group focused on cyber security.

ID 258525

Lakshit Dhanda

Senior Computer Science student at Drexel University. Concentration - Data Structures & Algorithms and OS.

ID 388943

Ani Channarasappa

Founder at etrackr, full stack developer, and Penn State graduate

ID 659032

Eric Cross

Industrial engineer from Northwestern U (2013). Currently a pharmaceutical engineer & a music composer/producer. Strong technical writing & creative background.

ID 21604

Nick Berardi

Entrepreneur, Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, co-founder and CTO of @caddio, Father, and SeriouslyOpen host

ID 602945

Ronak Nathani

Graduate student at Drexel University,pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering. Projects in Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning.

ID 188729

Adnan Zafar

Software Engineer. Minor in Business. Experience in cash flow statements :) JAVA, PHP, Ruby and LabVIEW. UTexas-Austin 2006.

ID 280693

Seth Hunter Perkins

Head of Engineering and Operations at Chaikin Analytics with left/right brain : technology + sales/marketing + creative (video/photo/music) + MBA

ID 270370

Brandon Snuggs

Swarthmore College CS, Fluent in Python, Basic knowledge in C, C++, and C#,

ID 344047

Ross Ragsdale

computer engineer, entrepreneur, hacker. @electrical-and-computer-engineer @purdue-university. Founder @rad-laboratories-inc Worked @motorola-mobility-inc.

ID 473287

Ashwin Shanker

Penn State EE grad student,Looking for an immediate opening,Backend experience,Expertise in Machine Learning,willing to relocate

ID 335770

Goutham Gandhi Nadendla

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 320166

John Wojtkielewicz

ID 702092

Adrian Lorenzana

Drexel University Mathematics, Computer Science and Music. Past life in Sales and Audio Consulting. Analytical when Creative and Creative when Analytical.

ID 589067

Ian Eaves

PhD student at Drexel; Extensive background in computational modeling (especially of quantum systems); Worked at the Helmholtz Institute (Berlin, GER)

ID 31109

Michael Boyle

Founder Clubhouse

ID 473338

Christopher Vega

Swarthmore Computer Science, web video entrepreneur, IT veteran

ID 677347

Andrew Madonna

Full stack developer with great communications and personal skills

ID 481581

Christian Heinzmann

Founder • Worked at @emoneyadvisor, @orbius, @nextdocs • Studied at @drexel-university

ID 151595


Founder @kedals

ID 334223

Richard Friedman

Building applications and teams for mobile, social, open source, java, middleware and everything in between.

ID 343937

Alexander Nagl

Penn State Computer Science major; has focused on iOS development, has one app on the app store and a research paper published. Currently works for Disney.

ID 617452

Stephen Pettus

Invited to intern at Google, Award wining project during Philly tech week, created applications for navy officials,created applications for state senator.

ID 798383

Damien Diehl

QA Engineer & independent Android developer, consulted for Cognizant Technology Solutions.

ID 442498

Jonathan Strate

Front-end software engineering lead. Strong background in UI development and UX design. Masters in engineering. Work published in IEEE Transactions.

ID 163021

Scott Johnson

Co-Founder of ObjectiveApps, mobile application developer and consultant.

ID 485812

Ed Davis

Penn State Engineer, maker, interested in M2M/M2C and the Internet of Things, driven to create.

ID 385593

John Bueno

Founder ShowUp • Worked at @faculty-creative, @1-trick-pony • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 791933

Gilad Raphaelli

Developer with strong operational background.  Proficient with Python, capable with Java, interested in Go.

ID 106948

Michael David

Founder and CTO @jombid

ID 570959

Michael Henry

Co-founder of Swadio. Drexel University 2014.

ID 94595

Pete Schuster

Front End Web Developer working in Philadelphia at @o3world.

ID 664551

Dan Gaidula

RISD MFA 2004, full-stack generalist and Art Director; Managed 16-person creative group at Lincoln Financial, AD for Martha Stewart + DeBeers.

ID 417091

Charles Wolfe

Diverse skill set, fast learner, Worked at top Fortune 500 company

ID 793396

Sebnem Ozer

Worked at startup and big companies designing new products on Wi-Fi, Cable, PON, Video, Ethernet, Subscriber Management and Residential/Business Applications

ID 649893

John Barclay Walsh

Co-Founder and CTO at Easypose, LLC IT Systems Administrator and Web Developer at PRO-MIC Corporation

ID 258993

Jon Bringhurst

SRE @linkedin • Founder @firepair-llc, @secret21-llc • Worked at @Los Alamos National Laboratory, @northrop-grumman • Studied at @temple-university

ID 393546

Nigel Coelho

Worked at @Philly Startup Leaders • Founder @kompact • Engineer @nbc-universal

ID 380936

Daniel White

ID 452371

Charles Daniel

Penn State MS in Computer Science; Senior Web Engineer; worked for several Internet companies; also some robotics projects

ID 719409

James Dalton


ID 642433

Alex Lapinski

Full Stack Developer, Focus on High Quality UI / UX with application / system. Passion for cutting edge technologies and solid design / planning.

ID 91448

Dmitri Mezhevich

Entrepreneurship, technology, design, hardware, software. Also we are all sheep.

ID 279404

Daniel Jones

ID 303999

Adam Towle

NYU Mathematics graduate with a background in analytics, product management, and software development. Solid .NET background and enjoy learning.

ID 398133

Nilesh Tailor

Software Engineer. MSSE Drexel Univ. Worked for SAP and IBM and PTC. Quick learner. Have worked with various languages and technologies.

ID 337067

Petar Ivacic

Founder of @frabbit. Engineer, fitness instructor and COO @rowzone. Passionate about rowing and Ruby Rails stack. @startupinstitute

ID 768740

Ramya Roopini Ravi

ID 304897

Oren Panitch

Self-starter front-end developer who excells in mobile development and front-end engine developer.

ID 184876

Al Rivera

Highly motivated self-starter with both entrepreneurial and corporate managed experience. Web/Biz Dev with a passion to learn bleeding edge web techniques.

ID 466544

Geoffrey Oxholm

Computer Vision PhD, entrepreneur, artist

ID 804107

Leon Do

Healthcare provider, designer, mHealth developer, web wrestler, always thinking about sustainability, DIY tinker and always questioning the Socratic method.

ID 114832

Mark Gregory Valente

Managing Partner - Swagger Agency Inc.

ID 573746

Kevin Walton

Software Engineer - Drexel University, 2+ Years Industry Experience. Strong background in Website & Online Application Development

ID 548030

James O'Brien

Englishman with 5 years android experience, mainly focusing on social networking.

ID 265370

Miguel Nieves

Senior Developer • Shipped 14+ Games • Artificial Intelligence Architect

ID 598378

Joe Krell

Full stack developer focused on solving common business problems

ID 694290

Malhar Deshpande

Graduate student at Drexel University.Strengths: C#, C++ Javascript, Oracle, MySQL, Algorithms. Comfortable in: Java, Servlets, JSP, Microsoft SQL Server

ID 325579

Andrew Fallows

RIT SE, vim enthusiast, aspiring professional beer taster.

ID 515504

Shweta Surana

Master's in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University (current); 5 year industry experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

ID 464090

Hiral Shroff

Extensive experience in consulting/advisory roles, worked in multiple industries and in companies from 4 person-startup to IBM.

ID 790977

Anand Patel

Computer Engineering Student with minors of Information Systems & Business Administration. I'm looking for a 3rd co-op in 2015-2016 in the SF Bay Area.

ID 185806

Dustin Ingram

Studied at @drexel-university

ID 235185

Gail Gardner-Wiener

ID 175950

Matt Rogish

ID 304791

jerome balls

Helping several early stage startups get off the ground.

ID 571130

Ilhaan Rasheed

Drexel EE graduating in 2015. Looking for interesting projects

ID 170130

≅ Ben Shive

Dad, cook, fixer. Currently obsessed with mobile and education.

ID 378211

Andrew Ho

Rookie engineer seeking a position, where I can exercise and enhance my skills in hardware and software design in a creative fast-paced environment.

ID 400117

Pratik Dhuru

MS student at Drexel University, Biomedical Engineer at Soma Technology Inc.

ID 339439

Kenny Chapman

Lead Android Developer

ID 488856

Ariel Kirkwood

Drexel Information Systems; co-founded Drexel DragonLAN, working on a web app for LAN parties called LANcenter.

ID 563921

Joseph Lee


ID 821569

Warren Kushner

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer and JavaScript developer.

ID 592270

Karthikeyan Yuvraj

Robotics Engineer at Penn Health Systems; Participated in DARPA Robotics Challenge-2013; Strong knowledge in ROS; Earned MS in Control Systems

ID 588490

Jordan Hofstaedter

DrexelU Software Engineering 2014. Experience in Mobile, web, and Java applications.

ID 548831

Tom Hanley

Full-stack web developer focusing on Django and Javascript

ID 543917

Abhilash Iyer

Worked at @indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Studied at @drexel-university University Interested at Data Science, Hardware Integration with Data science, Embedded Systems

ID 350998

Jake Beresford

Front end developer, fast learning, hard working, English guy in America.

ID 348754

Ryan Epp

Full Stack Developer with an affinity for Ruby on Rails, javascript, and Java. Aspiring designer. English minor.

ID 632421

Matt Jennings

Passionate, modern front end developer with a drive to deliver nothing but quality. Strong desire to learn, explore, and contribute to success.

ID 184076

Brian Ray

Rails developer and Sysadmin. Loves optimizing performance and scaling.

ID 28770

Richard Mallon-Day

ID 735473

Horatio Thomas

Junior MIS and Accounting student at Temple University

ID 643120

Nathan Zimmerman

Full stack developer, lambda calculus fanboy

ID 745376

Raul Solomon Lasluisa

Ph.D Student in Computer Engineering at Rutgers

ID 628371

Nick Paoletti

Rutgers CS grad looking for a new challenge.

ID 458694

Winson Yuan

Worked at @paychex, @prudential-financial • Studied at @temple-university, @general-assembly-1

ID 588939

Nicholas Cianci

Passionate Programmer; Development team experience; Dedicated and hard-working

ID 87142


Senior Software Engineer at a global company.Founder of @acoolme

ID 43512

Orry Baram

Front-End Developer at Fancy Hands

ID 504363

Charles Couch

Robot builder, star gazer, big dreamer looking for a company to call home.

ID 237622

David DiRamio

Founder of,,,, and B.A. in Communication from Villanova University.

ID 708250

Tim Beitz

Practicing UX/UI Design, Thinking in Code. CompSci + Graphic Design + Behaviorial Psych.

ID 546934

Yosh Talwar

Full stack engineer / visual designer

ID 505182

Alex Banks

ID 312595

Danny Ho

Rutgers CS, Programmer Analyst at Cognizant; Java, C, SQL

ID 616274

Tracy Malkemes

Full Stack Engineer (Ruby on Rails, Clojure), built multiple apps (front to back end) for non-profit.

ID 525784

Hangfei Lin

UPenn CS, with a broad range of knowledge and experiences, faster learner, willing to learn iOS development

ID 849050

Thomas Clemente Jr.

Sophomore Computer Science student actively looking for an internship

ID 692345

Aaron Leitner

Full stack developer with 2 years of startup experience

ID 562666

Yen Ju Lin

Student at Bryn Mawr College studying computer science and economics; interned at Hyundai; cross country and track & field student athlete.

ID 223959

Bryan McAnulty

Founder/Art Director at @velorastudios & @clear-goals-2. Co-host of @brightlounge. Designer, developer, musician, entrepreneur and traveler. Always improving.

ID 469609


UX/Front End Developer who believes that a good app or site starts with the users first.

ID 794907

Ashly Francis

Looking for entry level software jobs

ID 797811

Michael Houck

Miami CS, tired of buzzwords

ID 161282

Justin Mazzi

ID 102924

Ethan Daniel Palazzo

Rutgers '12, applied physics. Developed neural net software for grants, published nanotech research, and currently working on my AI startup.

ID 368704

Dean Poulin

Interested in a challenging position as a Software Architect or Sr Lead Developer primarily focused on high visibility and highly scalability web applications.

ID 835996

Bekim Abazoski


VP of Deliverability & Tech for All Inbox. Developer by trade, with strong sales and marketing abilities.

ID 157255

Hilary Muludiang

Worked at @versatile-systems-inc, @saint-joseph-s-university-1 • Studied at @saint-joseph-s-university

ID 338425

Rex Kuo

Awesome tech support analyst. Want to become a programmer. I am a hard worker.

ID 394392

Andrew W. Buchanan

Co-Founder of Prometheus Information Corp. (FishNet) one of the earliest Internet startups ('93). Worked @ VerticalNet and Hibu (Yellowbook)

ID 560835

David Roberts

Full-Stack Web Developer experienced in Project Management / Architecting Software solutions. Currently a Manager at Accenture.

ID 192315

Brian A

Studied at @la-salle-university, @walden-university

ID 330696

Dmitry Sumaroka

Rutgers Computer Science, Founder and Partner at Green Monkey Dev.

ID 663215

Stephen Harris

Solutions Developer

ID 317322

Robert Boka

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Tech Geek, Founder

ID 829938

Idris Hayward

ID 833194

Alex Jeong

Full Stack generallist.

ID 709021

Anthony Harley

Software Engineer and Consultant

ID 769211

Nancy Chacko

ID 745256

Chaoyi Zha

Full Stack LAMP and Python Developer, Student at Radnor High School,

ID 829057

Guy Robinson

ID 57319

Nicole Valentine

VP of Prod/Tech at 15 yr career as CTO and head of internet development (CNN, TimeWarner, Thomson). Masters Student @ @vermont-college-of-fine-arts.

ID 658730

Matias Tarantini

Principal Developer and Founder of TextmyBrain

ID 465595

Will LaRiccia

Arcadia University - Full Stack Developer, currently working at IBM

ID 439911

Duc Vu

Drexel CS, on the way to launch my own startup call

ID 670093

Cesar Antonio Oyarzun Maturana

Senior software engineer with seven years of professional experience in IT projects in Chile,India,United States.

ID 593286

Fred Bastian

Amatuer Data Scientist/Software Engineer; Start-Up Enthusiast and Student for Life

ID 449824

Alan Synnestvedt

Software Engineer // Builder // Founder and Product Architect at Lowdly

ID 170228

Lon Sulgrove

Founder STYCZ • Worked at @unisys-corp • Studied at @southwestern-college

ID 705964

Jonathan Moses

Aspiring developer. Penn linguistics, computer, and cognitive science background.

ID 849954

Tyler Petrochko

Freshman at Yale University. Worked as software developer intern at LiquidHub, competed in YHack and worked on various personal projects.

ID 774449

Michael Belluomini


ID 656054

Marcus Dietz

Fortune 500 and Startup experience. Developer & Administrator Marketing Automation Operations

ID 174501

Alexey Cherkasov

CEO | Founder Cherkasoff

ID 730560

Daniel Langer

UPenn CS major, minoring in entrepreneurship. Worked at Google, but I'm looking for something smaller... I'm looking to help build a company.

ID 565080

Tatenda Mushonga

Pursuing Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's and Robotics Masters, Interested in Electronics, Robotics, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

ID 582754

Shail Shetye

DEHS Class of 2015. Hacker.

ID 850358

Bebin Abraham

10 plus years in the support field.

ID 594982

Arman Tokanov

Former competitive programmer breaking into web dev.

ID 553047

Brandon Gottlob

CS major at TCNJ, iOS Developer, Strong understanding of Object-oriented programming, Open to learning new skills and platforms

ID 569804

Nivedita Velagaleti

University of Penn Graduate student in CIS. Background of hardware in undergrad.

ID 597502

Corey Hart

Ph.D. Computational neuroscientist. Specialist in neuromorphic machine learning, predictive analytics, cognitive computing.

ID 465088

Samuel Murphy

Full Stack Developer

ID 648430

Mitch Fiorentini

ID 602638

Luke Bloy

ID 474170

Gabriel Khaselev

Swarthmore CS and Engineering, Interested in Mobile Development and backend APIs

ID 668090

Tom Connors

Full stack software developer with a preference for functional programming.

ID 498793

Rigel Swavely

Double major Computer Science and Cognitive Science, worked with NLP and web development as a research programmer at the World Well-Being Project

ID 459380

Ilia Sharin

Solution architect and full stack senior dev with hands on experience. Lead distributed teams but want real value high end projects and drive

ID 487728

Stephanie Hsu

Sophomore at University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science and Engineering. Strong background in Java.

ID 580827

Agata Ciesielski


ID 574770

Darshan Lingaraj

Penn CS grad,Interested in Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

ID 468316

John Hricik III

Strategic and self-managed advertising and business development professional.

ID 456075

Ahmed N

Netbackup Engineet

ID 505306

Duc Vu

Drexel CS, two tracks in Drexel, on the way to launch own startup web call

ID 449705

Shane Pisko

DEsigner, developer, ideator, concept vigilante, and innovation addict

ID 69050

Luke Burns

I'm a social technologist.

ID 75624

Hari Bayireddy

CTO - Co-Founder, iMomentous (Mobile Development). Director, American Solutions (IT)

ID 40847

Jake Culp

17. Squarespace Freelance Designer / Developer. Learning.

ID 184300

Stas Svishov

Over 15 years of Web Development experience. Strong analytic and problem solving skills. Love learning new technologies.

ID 333982


Founder/CEO of Xyson Labs, creator of Xcope. Technology Coordinator for BPS. BA for Nyack College.

ID 91806

Darrel Herbst

CTO at, building new features and scaling the site while managing the development team.

ID 54673

Matthew Griffiths

Co-Founder of metaLayer, CTO of Appfrica Labs, Director of Platform at Swiftriver, Knight News Challenge Winner 2011

ID 75700

Mahe Bayireddy

VP Engineering - Mobile developer, co-founder of iMomentous. Engineer for GMAC, Citi, Nexus.

ID 358251

Marc Zubricky

Experienced Web and iOS Developer

ID 322261

Mike Hillman

WinForm Application Development Expert

ID 385838

Daniel Petrikin

Django Hacker Extraordinare

ID 357495


Princeton and Stanford CS, deduplicated storage startup, research and development

ID 422086

Srijani Sridhar

Graduate Student at University of Pennsylvania

ID 3489

Thomas Schreiber

Founder of rizumu, @insatsu, scenemachine. Lead Python web developer at @unidad-editorial in Madrid. BA from Tyler School of Art.

ID 427084

Frankelly Valdez

Hello, my name is Frankelly Valdez. I’m a designer and developer who dabbles in music and photography, and enjoys creating things.

ID 413505

Ron Michael Zettlemoyer

Application architect; user advocate.

ID 292072

John T. Kim


ID 223103

Kyle Burton

Head of Technology at Relay Network. I'm a Full Stack Developer bootstrapping our technology stack and building the technology team.

ID 79776

John Daily

excellent at design and concept construction

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