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ID 842819

Mina Wu

Duke/UPenn Biomedical Engineering PhD, Drug & Gene Delivery Background, Immunology & Molecular Biology experience

ID 513470

Dilip Rajan

Wharton '15, tech strategy, marketing, and business development

ID 841340

Kristin Linn

Postdoc Fellow at Penn. The third moment in @TheFifthMoment

ID 884430

Emma Hong

Undergrad at Penn. Majoring in philosophy, politics and economics. Minoring in computer science. Chinese and Spanish speaker.

ID 882230

Nikita Singh

UPenn - Wharton Statistics and Finance, interned at a top options trading firm

ID 796232

Jeremy Danziger

Psychology student who loves data, and trying to learn to program. In perfect world, would be everything. Worked at Pershing Managed Investment, and Psych lab.

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 754612

Andreea Bailuc

Trilingual Buying savante seeks to continue refining Data Analytics skill set, Urban Outfitters, BA Haverford College

ID 66314

Casey Rosengren

Wharton undergrad, worked on several startups, skilled in research, data analysis, modeling, and design of experiments, amateur Rubyist, speaker of Japanese

ID 506049

Vincent Lee

EE undergrad, Wharton MBA, 3 years of consulting experience at McKinsey focusing on data analysis and customer segmentation

ID 623990

Menaka Sampath

Experienced in data analysis, digital marketing, market research, strategic planning, and merchandising.

ID 805404

Xuan (Alexandra) Sun

Project Manager & Data [email protected] • Previously @accenture • PhD dropout • MS @university-of-pennsylvania • BS @peking-university

ID 241954

Sean Welleck

Penn CS Master's student; Interested in AI, Machine Learning, Functional Programming; Interned at IBM and Citi.

ID 703506

Alex Miller

Data scientist @smartypal-1. Experience in online marketing, backend/frontend web development, and analytics. B.A. in applied mathematics (summa cum laude).

ID 704434

Pranav Sahay

UPenn MS Embedded Systems Engineering; Cyber Physical Systems, IoT and Machine Learning Enthusiast; Worked at Real Time Innovations Inc.,

ID 767460

Susan Fowler

Physicist from UPenn, project engineer and data analyst for the ATLAS experiment, Particle Physics Monte Carlo expert, software engineer, electrical engineer.

ID 445044

Jeffrey Tratner

Works @nearwoo. Developer interested in data analysis and beautiful, simple code

ID 847528

Amy Wu

Wharton/Penn Engineering Grad seeking impactful spring adventure with a fascination for data. Experience in credit cards, retail, big data, engineering. 

ID 475993

Joseph Trovato

University of Pennsylvania EE, co-founder of PennHacks hardware hackathon, researcher in robotics. Interested in embedded systems and machine learning.

ID 772270

Douglas Scott MacDonald

Master's in Experimental Research and Multivariate Analysis, Graduate Research Assistant, Industrial/Organizational Consulting Firm Intern,

ID 30090

Jon Gosier


Serial tech entrepreneur, investor in frontier markets, and data scientist. Founder of: @appfrica @d8a-group @market-atlas

ID 716460

Dave Jules

B.S in Energy, Business, and Finance w/ minor in Engineering Leadership

ID 526046

Matt Dougherty

SMB Strategy & Operations background. Love Data Analytics, Business Development and the Internet. CPA @ernst-and-young .

ID 768740

Ramya Roopini Ravi

ID 864573

Antione Easley

Twitter fellow

ID 602945

Ronak Nathani

Graduate student at Drexel University,pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering. Projects in Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning.

ID 634247

Hieu Ha

High Potential Data Analyst

ID 589067

Ian Eaves

PhD student at Drexel; Extensive background in computational modeling (especially of quantum systems); Worked at the Helmholtz Institute (Berlin, GER)

ID 490725

James Brink

Hedge fund and prop trader, programmer, aspiring data scientist, studied @Lehigh looking for business development opportunities in FinTech

ID 861000

Chelsea Williamson

Penn 2015 Systems Engineering Grad; Interest in Startups and Entrepreneurship 

ID 702092

Adrian Lorenzana

Drexel University Mathematics, Computer Science and Music. Past life in Sales and Audio Consulting. Analytical when Creative and Creative when Analytical.

ID 473287

Ashwin Shanker

Penn State EE grad student,Looking for an immediate opening,Backend experience,Expertise in Machine Learning,willing to relocate

ID 593286

Fred Bastian

Amatuer Data Scientist/Software Engineer; Start-Up Enthusiast and Student for Life

ID 543917

Abhilash Iyer

Worked at @indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Studied at @drexel-university University Interested at Data Science, Hardware Integration with Data science, Embedded Systems

ID 790977

Anand Patel

Computer Engineering Student with minors of Information Systems & Business Administration. I'm looking for a 3rd co-op in 2015-2016 in the SF Bay Area.

ID 829057

Guy Robinson

ID 684496

Victoria Chung

Boutique management consulting background, interested in sustainability & social entrepreneurship; strategic thinker, disciplined worker & self-aware millenial

ID 597502

Corey Hart

Ph.D. Computational neuroscientist. Specialist in neuromorphic machine learning, predictive analytics, cognitive computing.

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