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ID 753715

Stephen Pogue

Startups, Venture Capital, and Social Marketing

ID 51464

Frank Fumarola

Founder, @seekroi, @usherbuddy • VP Product at 50onRed • Product research • Lead design • Grow marketing • Find strategic partners • Train employees

ID 184604

Dana Rygwelski

Results matter -- 145 companies launched with $110M+ in follow-on funding & $415M+ in market cap!

ID 829880

Maeve Maguire

Recent Grad Seeking Marketing or User Ops Position @ a dynamic company that puts the customer first; Koru SF career accelerator program grad; Avid book reader

ID 22584

David Calabrese

ID 442983

Jimmy Zhu

currently: @wharton, with VC & startup experience: product, analytics, and strategy @ facebook; consulting; banking, MIT; looking for startup opportunities

ID 65983

Steve Palmer

Customer Success @knack. Entrepreneur, founder, mentor. @theironyard '12

ID 702507

Samantha Salley

BA from Temple University; diverse knowledge base, self-starter, ready and willing to travel, fast learner

ID 12847

Brian Razzaque

Studied at @johns-hopkins-university, degrees in biology and computer science. Founded VMT as web application development firm out of college and sold in 2013.

ID 63226

Jacob Sills

Entrepreneurial MBA from Wharton w/ strong background in Private Equity & Operations. Experience in Financial Services, Energy and Technology-Enabled Services.

ID 120771

Joshua Moskovitz

Current DJ and Analyst @looker. Formerly in product, growth, and marketing roles at @odesk and @readyforce . I believe in empowering people with data.

ID 256258

Kristy Leong

Founder Grand Round Table • Worked at @general-mills, @digitas-health • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 444315

Philippe Beaurain


RMS graduate, 35 years of international software company management and development.

ID 8384

David Friedman

CTO @real-food-works • Founder & CEO @inhabi • Director of Engineering @venmo • VP Sales @coldwell-banker • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 84454

Glenn Fratangelo


Venture Partner- Innovation Garden Venture Incubator

ID 338307

Jim Robeson

CEO & Co-Founder of PiinPoint (YC S14)

ID 77820

Jedi Wright

UX Architect offering extensive information architecture, responsive web & user experience design. Founding member & advisor of several startups.

ID 269817

Shilpi Kumar


Learning to think/build/invest in innovation. 2013 VFA Fellow, Duke alum, previously w/ @vegastechfund & @techstars, now @first-round-capital

ID 275894

Pooja Ganesan


Studied @JohnsHopkins

ID 119144

Brian Jacobson

Co-Founder at @mobile-captain, Inc. Senior Analyst at @td-bank. Deep knowledge of SMB space. @bentley-university University finance grad.

ID 160821

Wade W. Pierson

COO Hero Network- ( Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Lee & Pierson Associates

ID 574126

Ronan A. Anand

Operations Manager-USA @klara-1, previously @blueprinthealth2, @eli-lilly, @imclone-systems and @university-of-pennsylvania-1

ID 550427

Mitch Skiles

Co-founder of @hangify. Student at Amherst College

ID 424590

Nouras Haddad

Ex ecommerce founder (mktg, magento) with retail and banking exp. looking for marketing/ bizdev/ sales ops roles. Pref NYC but open. Wharton MBA, grad May '14.

ID 467405

Jeremy J. Roberts

Co-Founder of PointView • past Technical Director at LonMark • strategist | technologist | presenter | programmer | leader | creator | poor golfer but likes it.

ID 167402

Eamon Gallagher

Associate @GWeberLaw; Volunteer @PhillyVLA, Due Diligence @KeiretsuMid_Atl, Graduate of @DrexelLaw, @DrexelELC. More at

ID 585246

Phil Hayes

CoFounder Head of Product @SkillsetMe

ID 234716

Roy Kim

MBA Candidate at The Wharton School, UPenn. Co-founded a financial start-up and a non-profit. Previous Private Equity Experience. Worked in Investment Banking.

ID 236865

Shoji Ueki


ID 489334

Jimmy Kwon

Junior at Wharton | Co-Founder/CEO of Blink | True Ventures TEC Fellow | Intern at Streetline | Investment Analyst at OATV | Designer at Seratis

ID 583381

Avi Zuber

5+ years in "startup development". I work hard as a team player/team leader and love it. I love designing and learning. UX/UI/Design/Dev/Prodcut.

ID 208721

Fran Gillott

Founder DeliveryCrowd • Worked at @general-electric, @ingersoll-rand @iron-mountain • Industrial Engineer from @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 758097

Ben Slome

Wharton BA 2015. Strong business development and strategy background. Technology and entrepreneurship enthusiast. Strive to break the mold.

ID 495025

John Hancock

Founder @visual-information-technologies-inc, @Relations, Inc.• Worked at @Boeing• Studied at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management

ID 799919

Andreas Petsas

ID 532688

Sean Bielat

Founder One Click Politics • Worked at @irobot, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @wharton-school, @harvard-kennedy-school

ID 82860

Jeff Marmins

Founder C7group Empowering employees and customers. Improving sales and service workflow in the digital, social age.

ID 465442

Vinay Narayan

Wharton MBA, worked at eBay,Nokia and J&J. Left and right brained in equal measure.

ID 512492

Ayako Ishikawa

Worked at Bain & Company for 5+ years/ MBA candidate at The Wharton School class of 2014 (major: entrepreneurial management)

ID 158570

Christopher Mengel

Entrepreneur, Business Builder, Creative/Analytical Executive, Interim CMO/COO, Marketing VP, Writer

ID 604874

Luke Demi

Worked at @cloudmine • Studied at @temple-university

ID 243541

Jianwei Low

Co-founder of RFD, software start-up in social TV • Analyst at @mckinsey-company • MBA 2014 at @wharton-school, BS electrical engineering at @stanford-university

ID 63205

Matthew Givens

MBA Candidate at The Wharton School (Class of 2014). Finance background (3+ years at Credit Suisse), transitioning into tech.

ID 541758

Michael Cornstubble

Founder @vayia, VP of Ops at Jail Education Solutions, Data infrastructure developer, Masters of Engineering and Industrial Management Candidate at Penn State

ID 561384

Minoru Motooka

Wharton MBA, Investment Banking and Audit, CPA, Looking for summer internship

ID 840070

Matthew Caulfield

Wharton School, Business Development; background in policy & economics

ID 301104

Abasi Ene-Obong

Imperial London Grad., PhD in Cancer, Masters in Business-California. Management Consultant- IMS. Previously consultant at Gilead, Panasonic, Univ of California

ID 321510

Sophie Liu

Wharton MBA 2013; Co-founder of myGallist app & Focused on project management, operations, product development, business development, marketing

ID 471162

Horatiu Stefan

eCommerce & Consumer Internet. Expertise in Strategy, Operations, and Business Development. Worked at eBay, Samsung, Starwood, and Deloitte. Kellogg MBA.

ID 450965

Fabian Poliak

Working with technology to improve the ways we receive and perceive health.

ID 847227

Sarah Millar

Wharton MBA/MA (Lauder Institute, focus on Latin America/Spanish), Major in Entrepreneurial Management

ID 394314

Mark Wales

Founder SmartBoxt • Worked at @omni-executive • Studied at @wharton-school

ID 745563

Sohel Khan

CEO of SETVI. Sixteen years Technology Leadership and Strategy experience (Comcast, Sprint). MBA, Kellogg School of Management. Ph.D. EECS, University of Kansas

ID 66314

Casey Rosengren

Wharton undergrad, worked on several startups, skilled in research, data analysis, modeling, and design of experiments, amateur Rubyist, speaker of Japanese

ID 522351

Lois (Seh Hyun) Lee

Penn/Wharton dual-degree student, passionate about consumer behavior, ecommerce and consumer finance, and growing companies.

ID 376063

Gavin Potts

Founder & COO @well-fed, @faculty-creative • Worked at @1-trick-pony, @brownstein-group • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology, @university-of-new-mexico

ID 528534

Ezra Drelich

Rowan BS-Entrepreneurship, Close to 10 years Sales Experience (B2C/B2B), Startup Experience with desire to focus remainder of career on startups

ID 630440

Aaron Telch

Recent Wharton MBA grad; media, biz dev, partnerships, corp finance experience at YouTube, MTV, Morgan Stanley

ID 524403

Sam Pilling

Experienced Operations and Finance Exec focused on growth and risk management. Multi-lingual with degrees from Yale (BA) and HEC Paris/Columbia (MBA).

ID 70819

Larry Mahan

General Manager, International at TotalTrax, Inc.

ID 782705

Keala Tyler

Every product needs a vision. I’m a problem-solving innovator available to help you with your product roadmap

ID 601402

Mudit Dawar

Worked at @blackrock, @ernst-and-young • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @drexel-university

ID 170914

Joseph Kim

Clinical operations innovator. Advisor to pharma industry organizations. Renowned industry thought leader and speaker.

ID 484425

Charles Hsu

MIT biology, McKinsey, experience in global health and biomedical engineering

ID 578224

James Gault

ID 840736

Jason Katz

Operational supervisor at McMaster-Carr; background in data analysis, project management, and procurement; Emory BA 2012.

ID 882230

Nikita Singh

UPenn - Wharton Statistics and Finance, interned at a top options trading firm

ID 182915

Joe Pino

Founder @open-drawer @Bizeeapp • Worked at @merrill-lynch, @bank-of-america • Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick, @villanova-university

ID 886428

Tim Fleury

ID 644102

Matthew Pettit

Worked at @u-s-department-of-state • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 495551

Keanan Barbour-March

Strategist, Consultant, & Researcher

ID 847528

Amy Wu

Wharton/Penn Engineering Grad seeking impactful spring adventure with a fascination for data. Experience in credit cards, retail, big data, engineering. 

ID 553596

Patrick Shearman

Dynamic International Relations and Hospitality graduate with experience in finance and accounting for large corporations and record of consistently driving business development. Exceptional technology skills combined with proven ability to drive data ana

ID 730172

Barb Kelly

Big-picture thinker with proven success in strategic planning, brand management, and new product development. Seen as a change agent.

ID 183872

Ty Burrowbridge

Founder Poasty • Partner & Creative Director at @faculty-creative - specializes in building digital utility, platforms, and games.

ID 754240

Prashant Ramesh

ChemE student at UPenn; Statistics at Wharton; Worked at GT Advanced Tech in Solar tech development; Research experience in nanotech & catalytic reactions

ID 621230

Jeff Sloan

Project Manager with @colabination, Econ / English Lit BA '14 from @university-of-chicago-1. Data-friendly process builder and Nelly-approved Disc Jockey.

ID 547045

Lisa Lee

Wharton Undergraduate; Majoring in Marketing and Operations and Management; Extensive new business development work experience from previous consulting job

ID 123319

Brandon Mitchell

Ready to do big things with awesome people

ID 860601

Kaley Martín

Senior at Penn, Graduating May 2015

ID 508374

John Giannantonio

Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur | Analytics | Social Media | Strategy

ID 556219

Fedrick Finjap

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Strong business background; Start-up experience; Entrepreneurial mentality.

ID 877542

Daniel O'Brien

Data Analyst and Consultant with Experience across Industries and Software Platforms

ID 666266

Chelsea Fetter

UPenn Grad. Strong customer operations background.

ID 468411

Jeremy Neuman

University of Pennsylvania Class of 2016 Candidate for Bachelor of Arts Biological Basis of Behavior

ID 719329

Forrest Benton

UPenn '15. Studied in Choice and Behavior/Economics. Experienced in governmental economic plannning & legal policy.

ID 466342

Denis O'Flynn O'Brien

Management consultant ready to dive into growing startup. Managed first business in college. UPenn Econ/Chinese graduate.

ID 779806

Adam Kelmenson

University of Pennsylvania neuroscience major, experience working in neuropharmacology research

ID 573755

Rebecca Pritzker

DuPont Marketing and Sales Specialist, UPenn 2013 Grad, Interested in Sustainability and Management

ID 69280

Chris Jones

Experienced Executive, Global Program Leader, Scalability Expert

ID 517568

Matt Warden

Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, Economics major with background in computer science, social media management, and sales.

ID 350296


University of Pennsylvania alumn with strong knowledge of SMB operations, accounting, office optimization, and customer service. Crowd-funding and social enterprise development experience. Bilingual Spanish/English, conversational Italian.

ID 513470

Dilip Rajan

Wharton '15, tech strategy, marketing, and business development

ID 518778

Chinmay Mishra

Graduate student at UPENN

ID 513517

Krithi Bala

Undergrad at UPenn; Mathematics and Biology

ID 521229

Jacob Kornman

UPenn undergrad, university research experience.

ID 544966

Krishan Nagin

Wharton undergraduate student - finance/healthcare management; Business background in medical devices, consumer goods, marketing, sales, finance, & accounting.

ID 813358

Jacqueline Kahn

Cornell University BS 2010 - Experience financial analyst with a strong business background and passion for the start-up space.

ID 547197

John Leachman

Seasoned Startup Vet moving to Philadelphia & Looking to Partner with Hungry Entrepreneurs

ID 78891

lance Hollander

I am an entrepreneur and marketing technologist who loves to solve problems and build things that are smart.

ID 884430

Emma Hong

Undergrad at Penn. Majoring in philosophy, politics and economics. Minoring in computer science. Chinese and Spanish speaker.

ID 483526

Sarah Alexander

Undergrad student at UPenn; Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology; Interested in medical devices, healthcare, marketing, and operations management.

ID 761925

James Emerick

UPENN BSE & MSE | Mechanical Engineering 2014. Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Passion for product design and development.

ID 467935

Kaustubh Deo

UPenn Undergrad (Wharton/College Dual-Degree); Heavy Economics/Business coursework; Marketing internship experience.

ID 510807

Nick Thornton

Student at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

ID 659032

Eric Cross

Industrial engineer from Northwestern U (2013). Currently a pharmaceutical engineer & a music composer/producer. Strong technical writing & creative background.

ID 402026

Jim Bumbulsky

Math Teacher; Teach For America Alum; Worked at KPMG in audit.

ID 87895

Josh Stein

Student, Interested in entrepreneurship, VC, M&A , UMD-Mechanical Engineering

ID 716460

Dave Jules

B.S in Energy, Business, and Finance w/ minor in Engineering Leadership

ID 548038

Kelly Barsan Silverman

ID 180265

Jesus Lasso

Co-founder of citiservi. Worked at webactiva (10.000 SME Spanish customers), Anuntis-SegundaMano (Schibsted Group) and (T-Online/Deutsche Telekom group)

ID 501391

Michael Resnick

Professional Wheel Greaser, Cog Turner, and Doer-of-Things @topscore

ID 516979

Andy Nguyen

Senior at @DrexelUniv, from Planet Earth, Solar System. Google Glass explorer. Global jet-setter

ID 651398

James Potts

Analyst at J.P. Morgan; BSc in Business Admin from Boston University SMG 2011; Finished 2nd in McGraw Hill New Product Challenge (out of 80 eligible teams)

ID 681064

Kassandra Sparks

Swarthmore Honors Economic Anthropology, experience in social enterprise ops & mgmt (Ashoka, Clinton Global Initiative), co-founder of hip-hop arts initiative,

ID 165349

Ervis Meto

ID 130077

Jarad Winget

Co-founder at @bathbundles-1, Student at Indiana University, former COO at @millennial-services-llc, and Passionate Entrepreneur

ID 636400

Sathya Eswaran

Intern @fedex , @dhl-express. @industrial-engineering, @purdue-university. Communications Director, Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. 3 academic honors.

ID 469555

Dara Blumenthal

Interdisciplinary thinker and researcher; PhD in Sociology + MA in Critical Theory; finishing first book. Worked at NYU Law, University of Kent, UK.

ID 793396

Sebnem Ozer

Worked at startup and big companies designing new products on Wi-Fi, Cable, PON, Video, Ethernet, Subscriber Management and Residential/Business Applications

ID 865566

Max Gilbert

Recent graduate with considerable experience in Israeli biotech startup and VC industries.

ID 519688

Colin Ryan

Founder at Vellodat Audit Solutions. >10 years senior experience in logistics, freight audit/billing/payment, ops, financial ops and consulting.

ID 547876

Monica Levine

Student at Vanderbilt University studying Engineering Science and Economics and minoring in Engineering Management

ID 884308

Daniel LoBue

BU grad in Pol Sci. Marketing Associate/Copywriter/jack-of-all-trades at SMM startup in Philly. Can edit, proofread, churn out copy better than your employees.

ID 578024

Taylor J. Allison (TJ)

University of Washington senior looking to take on a business development/sales role at a startup. Previous experience includes, Morgan Stanley, etc

ID 847921

Greg Megerian

Cornell University B.S. I'm like a swiss army knife, I can work/assist in HR, business development, strategic planning, marketing, and project management.

ID 774580

Alana Filipovich

Professional, proactive and enthusiastic Trainer and Project Manager.

ID 521263

Justin Lee

Drexel University BS, COO of UX Designer, Sales & Marketing

ID 754634

Sid Shetty

5 years of global business leadership experience managing multiple projects U.S., Europe and Asia to deliver innovative and cost-effective workflow solutions.

ID 523525

Mark Anthony Del Negro

MBA, Director of Development Crash Films INC, Project Manager, worked on two successful Start-Ups. Check out my latest project at:

ID 554097

Debra Track

Working digital since 1996. First website: (ver 1.0). Serial Entrepreneur. Implementing sea change for partners. Recognized Team Leader. Public Speaker. Natural networker. Strategic thinker. Questioning the status quo judiciously.

ID 114832

Mark Gregory Valente

Managing Partner - Swagger Agency Inc.

ID 259636

Cem Guvener

Business Development Director at Teaworx. MS Degree from the University of Florida. Versatile team player, innovative and problem solver.

ID 51131

Jacob Mathew

Director, Medical Affairs @novartis, @merck-co , @eli-lilly Finance MBA @drexel-university • Doctorate @university Of The Sciences In Phila • Mentor at Rutgers 

ID 446324

Jake Schlessinger

BU 14' Econ; First Round Capital Intern; Strong interest in BD; Interests in fashion, music, ecom industries.

ID 482658

Ethan Helhowski

Experienced start-up professional with a focus on building relationships, understanding their business, and bringing value to the process every step of the way.

ID 205353

Brett Milstein

Worked at @govberg-watch-repair, @chickdowntown • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 840861

Terence Anderson

Operations Supply Chain Director

ID 485770

Dan Eberhart

Entrepreneurial mindset, Drexel student, working on building a company with potential to reach 30 Million iOS users

ID 667584

Marja Kunz

Development professional with management consulting experience; Worked at American Enterprise Institute, Booz Allen Hamilton, DC Social Innovation Project.

ID 634247

Hieu Ha

High Potential Data Analyst

ID 497883

Toni Rae

Results-driven solutions leader and product manager experienced in monetization and development of cloud-based apps, SaaS solutions, and enterprise systems.

ID 538473

Chris Wagner

Local Engagement Team @porch-1. Previously Biz Dev @gomoto . BS Economics @PSU. Love data, born to hustle.

ID 801530

Jon Niles

Section Editor at startup entertainment media news website, in charge of supporting average of 10 staff and freelance writers

ID 485812

Ed Davis

Penn State Engineer, maker, interested in M2M/M2C and the Internet of Things, driven to create.

ID 511684

Hamid Ali

Problem solver and people person

ID 775683

Derrick Palecek

Penn State Graduate; Information Security Expert at PwC. Penetration Tester, Spear Phishing, Web Application Security

ID 627567

Alex Fromm

Creative Problem Solver and Strategist; Architecture Grad now building Startups

ID 448313

Christopher Martin

Marine Corps Officer, worked at Amazon, seeking new opportunities

ID 842019

Donald Keenan

To procure a position with a focus on revenue growth, team leadership, and operational improvements.

ID 669953

Rebecca Hayter

CMO of @soxiableco a startup company. Currently interning with Sunoco, INC. brand marketing and hospitality departments.

ID 751998

Cade Olson

Professional Services Manager with over six years of experience in leading the design, implementation and deployment of sales performance management solutions.

ID 491993

Paul Reuscher

ID 597157

David Jones

Part owner of Electrolex Autos LLC. Investment property owner. Financial sales experience (Wells Fargo, U.S. Mortgageline). Temple University, BBA 2011.

ID 526046

Matt Dougherty

SMB Strategy & Operations background. Love Data Analytics, Business Development and the Internet. CPA @ernst-and-young .

ID 366022

Daryl Jurbala

Dynamic leader known for creating reliable real world technology solutions through effective planning, hands on work and team building.

ID 626884

Michael J. DeLeo

BBA in Economics from Temple University. Customer Service / Sales Associate at Nejad Oriental Gallery.

ID 589940

Nick Wendowski

Proven leader in a wide-variety of demanding settings. Record of success in client relations, project management, and technology education. Relishes the hustle.

ID 476135

[email protected]

Experienced in Sales and Corporate Affairs • Recent Graduate and Entrepreneur; BA in Urban Planning and Public Policy @rutgers-university-new-brunswick

ID 541300

Max Spielvogel

ID 887066

Dylan Gordon

Project Manager with a background in marketing partnerships.

ID 479986

P. Stuart Case

Will return

ID 197792

Philip Miller

Studied at @west-chester-university-of-pennsylvania

ID 447365

Padraig (Patrick) Lawlor

An innovation consultant, growth strategist and senior executive to startups. MS/MBA Technology Management. Entrepreneur. Consultant. 2 Start-ups. 15 years exp

ID 713662

Justin Horwitz

Event Delivery Manager, Completed Marriott Management Development Program, Strong Hospitality Back round, University of Delaware School of Business Graduate

ID 484116

Dominic Natale

Dedicated my life to starting great companies with great people. Worked at @sap, @colabination • Studied at @hard-knocks-1 IRONMAN triathlete.

ID 34703

Cyril Tawanda Mahachi

Driven, ambitious and very keen on meeting deliverables. M.S in Business Intelligence. Worked at SAP Americas.

ID 720506

Ryan Heupler

Rowan University BA. Strong sales and customer service background.

ID 552724

Taylor Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder Backpac • Worked at, @the-cooper-foundation-cooper-university-healhcare • Studied at @rowanuniversity

ID 707213

Eric Bruno

Proven Financial SME, Master of Relationship Building

ID 711600

Julia Babillis

B.S Retail Merchandising; Women's Designer Sales at Nordstrom; Passion for startups; Enthusiastic Self Starter who likes a challenge

ID 700755

Joe Huffnagle

Customer WoW Ninja

ID 556773

Ashley Sanchez

Diligent, customer satisfaction-oriented, team player with a passion for solving problems, Biochemist, Lab Technician, Support/Sales Specialist

ID 885501

Sodette Pendley

Data Entry, General Admin, Project Management.

ID 610291

Servaas Verbiest

A start up specialist who is no stranger to establishing connections and closing deals.

ID 751942

Sydney Harris

Entrepreneurship and marketing enthusiast, DI varsity runner. Interested in startups, the integration b/w tech & health/food, and innovative business models.

ID 513508

Jason Zola

Nova msee, Drexel MBA, hard core data dork, business intelligence developer

ID 473593

Jake Wallace

Entrepreneurial Minded | Technologist | Networker | Current: Dir. of Strategic Partnerships @zuppler | Past: DexMedia, LocalBrands, BroadStreet Media

ID 835996

Bekim Abazoski


VP of Deliverability & Tech for All Inbox. Developer by trade, with strong sales and marketing abilities.

ID 631574

Brian Pinder

An energetic, adaptive and dedicated professional with success providing exceptional customer service, boosting sales and optimizing operations strategies.

ID 504885

Dave Burns

Director of Operations at RealWinWin

ID 495722

Tim Pici

Full time MBA candidate at La Salle University in Philadelphia. Graduating Aug. 14. Strong business background and an entrepreneurial mind. Ready to contribute!

ID 221617

Stanley Miller

Founder of LoadingScreens & Former employee of the Dept. of Homeland Security. Expert in bringing concepts to reality.

ID 779766

Xiaojing Wang

U of Delaware Accounting Major, Theatre Studies minor; Chinese (Mandarin) Proficiency

ID 523161

Michael Henein

Music, Travel, Finance, Start-up, Social Enterprise Enthusiast

ID 686417

Christian Melton

Meticulous Business Analyst, versatile sales & marketing professional. Experienced in successful startups (konciergeMD, Cvent). Quick study.

ID 663215

Stephen Harris

Solutions Developer

ID 799328

Marc Weinheimer

ID 765736

Melissa Dorwani

Creative, Innovative Program Manager

ID 762005

Will Cosden

ID 781286

Jessica Burke

University of Cincinnati (DAAP) Strong fashion background and organizational skills. Currently looking to expand my skill set.

ID 739907

Nina Gordy

ID 523751

Matt Kozar

Looking to get involved with a tech startup. I will utilize my strong leadership and strategic thinking skills to assist in growth and exceed objectives.

ID 311751

Patrick Tuthill

Startups, Media Sales, Partnerships, Ad Operations.

ID 694245

Erica Wilson

Award winning Customer Service, driven Sales and Marketing Professional, Always learning and implementing new techniques, Passion for helping others

ID 705884

Evalyn Gleason

Social Justice advocate seeking experience in social entrepreneurship. Willing to donate time and skills to campaigns directed at creating social change.

ID 464358

Dan Petersen

Multiple startup experiences, motivated self starter and well versed in many facets of business world.

ID 772268

Kevin James

Entrepreneur Mindset. Actively working on 2 side projects.

ID 656054

Marcus Dietz

Fortune 500 and Startup experience. Developer & Administrator Marketing Automation Operations

ID 637609

Bonaventure Barry

Studied at @grantham-university Engineering Management Technology. Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Cofounder of Reaction.
http://[email protected]

ID 774212

Sam Scheid

Sam Scheid

ID 784941

Melissa Wong

ID 731895

Mark Davidoff

Professional online poker player looking to find a new profession; 3 months experience in Africa attempting to start a business involving mobile technology

ID 571447

Matthew Krzywicki

Lehigh ChemE, New Business Development R&D at W.L. Gore and Associates, Co-founded Evolve Sports LLC, USAT Certified Race Director

ID 279669

Stan Prish

Highly-driven management professional, delivering stellar results.

ID 544438

Luke Luber

UX/UI Designer with a focus on mobile applications. Strong background in digital and print. Art Institute of Philadelphia grad 2008.

ID 569502

Robert White

ID 879050

Jinny Kim

UPenn Communications and Consumer Psych; Digital/social media analyst; Event planning; Startup experience

ID 850358

Bebin Abraham

10 plus years in the support field.

ID 877040

John Cimbalista

ID 644176

Richard McIntosh

Saint Joseph's University part-time student, technical support specialist, expertise in customer support

ID 206910

Kyle Wharton

Business Development @emoneyadvisor

ID 499081

Lisa Minster

Client focused!

ID 696475

chris chirico

Sales & Operations leader seeking opportunity to leverage skills and experience in a high growth startup organization.

ID 102542

Syam Namballa

Founder @appnile, @anypal-net

ID 571216

Leah Halloran

working professional

ID 861000

Chelsea Williamson

Penn 2015 Systems Engineering Grad; Interest in Startups and Entrepreneurship 

ID 829057

Guy Robinson

ID 602202

Hardik Amin

Business Innovation / User Centered Designer

ID 110088

Nate Nichols

I @DinenDitch & keep a pocketful of change.

ID 42639

[email protected]

Founder @search Find Go • Engineer @varian-medical-systems. Strong Technical Background - Business - Motivator.

ID 863342

David Doobie Elliott

ID 465730

Matthew Bostock

Marketing and Sales

ID 455278

Ariel Pechter

Grew e-commerce business 100% from 2011-2013 using Amazon, eBay

ID 428001


Searching for life-changing moments with ground breaking companies

ID 832349

Ece Savas

Student at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

ID 490794

Zuriñe Eguizabal

Wharton MBA 2014; Strong analytical rigor and execution skills; Worked at Bain & Company and UBS Investment Bank.

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