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ID 205882

Matt Monihan

UX Designer at @rjmetrics.

ID 163762

Dan Mall

Founder @no-chains • Worked at @big-spaceship • Studied at @drexel-university

ID 165609

Dan Godla

Experienced Director for large healthcare IT company. Project managment experience for complex technical / data projects. Founded OfficePickem & ThoroughCare.

ID 15386

Andrew Antar

Founder @BrownVentureLabs • Studied at @BrownUniversity • ui/ux product designer • entrepreneur From Philadelphia, Now living in Mountain View, CA

ID 95449

Kyle Martin

Co-Founder and VP Product @snipsnap.

ID 43313

David Walsh


ID 77820

Jedi Wright

UX Architect offering extensive information architecture, responsive web & user experience design. Founding member & advisor of several startups.

ID 248524

Alexander Kipphut

@ticketleap Design lead; Working to build beautiful products and evocative brands. Visual Design/UI/UX

ID 69776

Brad Baer

Co-Founder of @zokos. I used to design stadiums & build houses made of cellophane. Now I build sites that helps you have amazing friend-funded parties.

ID 77891

Ryan Hobbs

Idea cultivator, visualizer and problem solver. His work as Art Director and UX Designer allows him to consistently develop his understanding of the world.

ID 583381

Avi Zuber

5+ years in "startup development". I work hard as a team player/team leader and love it. I love designing and learning. UX/UI/Design/Dev/Prodcut.

ID 119606

Dan Hauk

Co-founder @cucumbertown. UI/UX product design. Featured Tumblr theme designer. Portfolio of work for international & national brands. Currently at @automattic.

ID 173126

Aaron Frazin

Founder and CEO @charlie-app a @dreamit-ventures backed company. Kauffman Global Scholar 2012 @ewing-marion-kauffman-foundation

ID 344615

Maximilian Maksutovic

Software Lead for @biomeme, Composer, Instrumentalist, Recording Engineer, Studied at @california-institute-of-the-arts @sonoma-state-university

ID 49114

Phil Thomas DiGiulio

Co-Founder, VP Product @wellcomemat. Launched first video platform in 2006. Creator helping companies transform good ideas into great products. Say hello!

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 342727

Michael Walczyk

Designer / Android Engineer @stublisher-inc, Interned at @zoic-studios, Worked at @id-tech-camps

ID 123600

Elijah Murray

CTO & Cofounder @lenda. @500startups Graduate. UXD background; full stack developer; Buying low, selling high since age 12.

ID 235693

Brian Peacock

Design & Dev at @brighttag . Founder of @fastfig. Studied @lafayette-college College.

ID 68125

Jonathan Dobbertin

Founder @callgrader, @cityvoice, and @bluematch. @dreamit-ventures alum. Beer lover, beard grower, bean counter.

ID 256623

Sanghoon Kwak

Founder @slidejoy • Product Manager @quantcast, Software Engineer @oracle-corporation • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school

ID 64729

Chanelle Henry

Director of UX at @bluewolf, Co-Founder of Pavo and @parlez. Worked at Apple; Consulted with United Nations WFP, Western Digital, and GlaxoSmithKline.

ID 467405

Jeremy J. Roberts

Co-Founder of PointView • past Technical Director at LonMark • strategist | technologist | presenter | programmer | leader | creator | poor golfer but likes it.

ID 160319

Nicole Kelner

CEO & Founder Nicole Kelner Designs. Design enthusiast. Winner of Alibaba's Women Empowerment Award.

ID 145418

Jody Ferry

UX / UI / Product Designer

ID 159932

Eric Wight

Worked at @the-walt-disney-company, @nbc-universal • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @school-of-visual-arts

ID 609669

Carolina Garzon Mrad

Multidisciplinary designer with training in integrated design and several years of experience in User Experience, Service Design and Graphic Design.

ID 385204

Ben Shi

Engineer & designer, UPenn grad, 4 years of design experience

ID 59553

Michael O'Boyle

Full Stack Rails Developer, Freelance CTO, Designer, Startup Advisor

ID 585246

Phil Hayes

CoFounder Head of Product @SkillsetMe

ID 145254

Laura Shema

• Studied at University of Pennsylvania, @maryland-institute-college-of-art

ID 752892

Sacha Best

Co-founder and CTO of Moor Games

ID 76859

Todd Zaki Warfel

Data geek and UX Designer of cloud-based SaaS apps: @reframer-2 collaborative research/analytics, FootPrints customer support app, Comcast VoIP w/visual VM.

ID 800780

Emily Foong

UPenn graduate with experience in graphic design, UI/UX, and SEO looking to make a big impact on a small team before returning to Wall Street

ID 321510

Sophie Liu

Wharton MBA 2013; Co-founder of myGallist app & Focused on project management, operations, product development, business development, marketing

ID 152129

Shouvick Basak

Founder @gridplex-networks-llc • Worked at @schlumberger, @university-of-pennsylvania-1 • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @birla-institute-of-technology

ID 258816

Heather Lowe

13 yrs at Bay Area startups | marketing and product background + MBA/finance. | payments, real estate, higher ed, food/health sector experience

ID 196493

Steven Streisguth

Studied at @university-of-the-arts

ID 349718

Catriona Cornett

User Experience Designer with a passion for making people’s lives better through design.

ID 197543

Shawn Mirza

Founder @cleancoin • Worked at @sei-investments , @seventysix-capital • Studied at @drexel-university

ID 83578

Philip Tribe

Co-founder at Partcle. MSE in Integrated Product Design, UPenn. Design Engineer with Smart Design. Previously cofounder at Lokalty

ID 434003

Rachel Cichowicz

I am passionate about building great products, creating excellent user experiences, & helping people live/work smarter. Studied at @penn_state, @CityUniLondon.

ID 351589

Shruti Saxena

Upenn Masters (Systems Engineering);Worked at a startup;Hardworking and Creative;Oil Painting;Speech Signal Separation;Fast Learner;Made a working prototype of a washer dryer combo.

ID 507665

Karen Man

Bioengineer from University of Pennsylvania; working at Epic, the leader in EMR software in the U.S.; interested in the push for digitizing healthcare

ID 234391

Aimee Kim

Product Designer. University of Pennsylvania, BS Mechanical Engineering w/minor in Fine Arts. Solidworks, Maya, Matlab, Adobe CS

ID 531290

Daniel Diazdelcastillo

Founder @kompact, @gps-extractor @us-naval-research-laboratory @nasa-goddard @DrexelAutonomousSystemsLab @drexel-university @johns-hopkins-university

ID 344877

Edward R. Mazurek

Web Developer at @drexel-university and @biomeme. Maker at NextFab Studio. Able to take on multiple roles. @williams-college College.

ID 114710

Jane Lilly Warren

Co-founder and Creative Director of @matchbook-magazine

ID 162610

Karan Hiremath

Management and Technology Student @ University of Pennsylvania; Studying CompSci and Management; Worked @ @office-of-naval-research and @basecamp-ventures

ID 499318

Charu Jangid

Currently building the future of SDN @GencoreSystems. Pursuing Computer Science, Marketing & Statistics @Penn. Previously @microsoft and @Booz.

ID 506953

Jacob Brenza

Ivy League Bioengineering Graduate looking for position in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health care, consulting, programming, or data processing/analysis.

ID 826792

Claudia Wynn

ID 495551

Keanan Barbour-March

Strategist, Consultant, & Researcher

ID 80802


Undergraduate at @wharton-school Business @ UPenn. Aspiring Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Great Learner.

ID 349966

Doug Roche

Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 234012

Jean Kim

Designer and Illustrator; University of Pennsylvania, BA Fine Arts, Communication Design; Hackathon experience; web, mobile, print, interactive design

ID 513470

Dilip Rajan

Wharton '15, tech strategy, marketing, and business development

ID 624332

Anna Couturier

Worked at @beacon-lively, @paul-morelli-design • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @temple-university

ID 283903

Allison Dollar

Worked at @osmosis-2

ID 436559

Charles Harrison

marketing and brand strategy, consumer insights, and innovation

ID 115193

Bharani Mani

Founder of, 12 years of work experience in building software products, including mission critical real time stock quote & telephony applications

ID 156003

Gotce Peev

CTO, GeoTraffic Networks

ID 800812

Legarlin Li

Student at UPenn. Full stack generalist. Strong design sensibilities. Interned at Microsoft and NewsCred.

ID 681064

Kassandra Sparks

Swarthmore Honors Economic Anthropology, experience in social enterprise ops & mgmt (Ashoka, Clinton Global Initiative), co-founder of hip-hop arts initiative,

ID 815247

Chris Vasquez

Flexible skillset allows for participation in the creation process from market research to prototyping and user testing to development and launch

ID 166915

Matt Price

Major in Animation and Business Minor at @philadelphia-university University; freelance animations for The NFL, The Brooklyn Brothers, Stand Up 4 NYC, and Oink Ink Radio

ID 884430

Emma Hong

Undergrad at Penn. Majoring in philosophy, politics and economics. Minoring in computer science. Chinese and Spanish speaker.

ID 388943

Ani Channarasappa

Founder at etrackr, full stack developer, and Penn State graduate

ID 322065

andrew warshaver

CMU Comp Sci. Competition Programming - topcoder, ACM ICPC World Finals. Experience at 2 big data startups. Full stack and system architecture experience.

ID 270370

Brandon Snuggs

Swarthmore College CS, Fluent in Python, Basic knowledge in C, C++, and C#,

ID 519450

Justin Lee

UPenn Digital Media Design, interaction and information design, storyteller

ID 607695

Igor Leygerman

A designer with love for a simple & clean user experience

ID 108342

Jason Prunty

UX Product Designer - specializing in the building of software platforms

ID 503749

Derek Jobst

University of Pennsylvania Computer Science, Experienced in Web Design/Development and Video Production.

ID 218554

Bill Goodwin


Husband, Dad & Designer of good stuff for kids and families.

ID 664551

Dan Gaidula

RISD MFA 2004, full-stack generalist and Art Director; Managed 16-person creative group at Lincoln Financial, AD for Martha Stewart + DeBeers.

ID 576089

Paul Haupt III

Head of Design for @peoplelinx. UX/UI junkie. Avid outdoorsman. Lego enthusiast. Foodie. Tube amplification+heavy riffage. Creation/Destruction/Evolution.

ID 442498

Jonathan Strate

Front-end software engineering lead. Strong background in UI development and UX design. Masters in engineering. Work published in IEEE Transactions.

ID 180894

Brielle Rae Weinstein

Founder @brielle-rae-design-co Art director with strong client and presentation skills focus on brand development.

ID 24161

Edmond Dougherty

Founder of Ablaze and Wavecam. Electronic and software product design. 13 cool patents. Prof at Villanova. Worked on Skycam, Wavecam & your new idea.

ID 254737

Jason Dietrick

Interactive Designer and Illustrator. Extensive design experience in interactive, branding, print and social media. Hardworking, passionate, pleasant.

ID 783680

Dan Hopkins

Haverford College Computer Science major

ID 400042

Milos Rujevic

I have had exposure in corporate, start-up, and project environments.

ID 151499

Andy Das

Built and sold companies. MS and MBA with 4.0 GPA

ID 605200

Alexa Forney

Self-motivated Drexel Product Design graduate with strong digital media skills & will to learn on the go.

ID 89561

Frank Z

front end web programmer. JavaScript

ID 459389

Nick Fly

Engineering Student at Drexel University. Freelance Web Designer & Developer.

ID 184876

Al Rivera

Highly motivated self-starter with both entrepreneurial and corporate managed experience. Web/Biz Dev with a passion to learn bleeding edge web techniques.

ID 304897

Oren Panitch

Self-starter front-end developer who excells in mobile development and front-end engine developer.

ID 485812

Ed Davis

Penn State Engineer, maker, interested in M2M/M2C and the Internet of Things, driven to create.

ID 43512

Orry Baram

Front-End Developer at Fancy Hands

ID 360941

Michael Shasanya

CEO of Nuristur, Graduate of the Daymond John academy, Strong business background, Network with Mike Kusak, First start-up social media,

ID 25701

Kristin Mosby

UX Designer at Vanguard; Worked at SAP, Dow Chemical, and City of Philadelphia.

ID 632421

Matt Jennings

Passionate, modern front end developer with a drive to deliver nothing but quality. Strong desire to learn, explore, and contribute to success.

ID 546934

Yosh Talwar

Full stack engineer / visual designer

ID 114832

Mark Gregory Valente

Managing Partner - Swagger Agency Inc.

ID 708250

Tim Beitz

Practicing UX/UI Design, Thinking in Code. CompSci + Graphic Design + Behaviorial Psych.

ID 3889

Kevin C. McCarthy

Owner of Code & Arrow and Shuttergap Photography. Designer. Developer. Photographer. Student of life.

ID 642433

Alex Lapinski

Full Stack Developer, Focus on High Quality UI / UX with application / system. Passion for cutting edge technologies and solid design / planning.

ID 505182

Alex Banks

ID 804107

Leon Do

Healthcare provider, designer, mHealth developer, web wrestler, always thinking about sustainability, DIY tinker and always questioning the Socratic method.

ID 116615

Charlie Dolan


CTO, at Sequoia Waste while studying MIS @villanova-university. Strong business background, able to bridge the gap between management and tech development.

ID 160261

Jason Zimmer

Customer Experience, Marketing and Product focussed entrepreneurial MBA.

ID 649893

John Barclay Walsh

Co-Founder and CTO at Easypose, LLC IT Systems Administrator and Web Developer at PRO-MIC Corporation

ID 348754

Ryan Epp

Full Stack Developer with an affinity for Ruby on Rails, javascript, and Java. Aspiring designer. English minor.

ID 594236

Alexander Mayes

UX / Product Designer at @curalate. Visual story teller at heart. Agency and large corporation work. Digital nerd. Loves technology.

ID 305535

Philip Borda

Directors of a small web design studio. Animation director and artist

ID 480657

Jonathan Avery

Lead Designer & Product Developer @colabination.

ID 552724

Taylor Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder Backpac • Worked at, @the-cooper-foundation-cooper-university-healhcare • Studied at @rowanuniversity

ID 550957

Michael Tobia

Front End Web Developer • Studied at @seton-hall-university

ID 759160

Minji Kwon

Graduate of University of the Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design. Have experienced both startup and ad agency culture.

ID 413037

Phillip Mimms

Founder Humanaliens. Worked with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Nasty Gal and Privileged shoes. Strong background in fashion design and visual arts.

ID 663215

Stephen Harris

Solutions Developer

ID 641663

Yu Ching Hung

User experience strategy, web and user interface interaction design.

ID 262932

Shehryar Mazhar

Senior fashion industry management major at Philadelphia University, associate consultant at Commonwealth Proper, strong background in sales/production through internships

ID 676517

Matt Williams

Designer and cofounder of Skyscraper Solutions and OrderDeck.

ID 610389

Darrin Knode

Front end

ID 47059

Harry Michel

Founder @eye-able • Studied at @ursinus-college

ID 223959

Bryan McAnulty

Founder/Art Director at @velorastudios & @clear-goals-2. Co-host of @brightlounge. Designer, developer, musician, entrepreneur and traveler. Always improving.

ID 408547

Julian Zarate

Clear craftmanship with high standards.

ID 504885

Dave Burns

Director of Operations at RealWinWin

ID 211496

vincent bungy

Founder ARTMUZO • Studied at @california-state-university-sacramento, @bowie-state-university

ID 469609


UX/Front End Developer who believes that a good app or site starts with the users first.

ID 842114

Patrick Macomber

Multidisciplinary creative whose as comfortable leading big strategic projects as he is jumping in and designing the experience. Yet finds time to play his PS4.

ID 350024

Alex Newman

Designer // Developer // Product Manager // UX Enthusiast

ID 549371

Ameer Carter

Forging my path to victory. Co-founder of Feels. 2015 BFA Candidate for Service Design @ SCAD. Worked at AOL, Reebok, and Microsoft.

ID 317322

Robert Boka

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Tech Geek, Founder

ID 866070

Vincent Matyi

Senior User Experience Leader with strong design, business, and software background. 

ID 707609

Nishtha Dalal

Drexel University, Senior, Web Developer, primarily front-end with emphasis on user experience

ID 472643

Rina Krevat

UPenn Digital Media Design with Fine Arts and Math minors, interested in bringing a digital skill-set to the world of entertainment;

ID 823542

Jeffrey Davis

CG Generalist, Compositor, and Motion Graphics artist. I create high quality visual effects for every employer I work with.

ID 544438

Luke Luber

UX/UI Designer with a focus on mobile applications. Strong background in digital and print. Art Institute of Philadelphia grad 2008.

ID 827673

Lucas Kriebel

ID 602202

Hardik Amin

Business Innovation / User Centered Designer

ID 170405

Sean Trapani

Creative Problem Solver.

ID 754655

Jeffery Nelson

UI/UX Designer and entrepreneur with a self starter attitude and a passion for telling compelling stories.

ID 730560

Daniel Langer

UPenn CS major, minoring in entrepreneurship. Worked at Google, but I'm looking for something smaller... I'm looking to help build a company.

ID 104103

Ken Pitney

Founder of @kensumer. I enable state-of-the-art technology mixed with design, w/ the goal of creating extraordinary value to both buyers & sellers.

ID 427084

Frankelly Valdez

Hello, my name is Frankelly Valdez. I’m a designer and developer who dabbles in music and photography, and enjoys creating things.

ID 170228

Lon Sulgrove

Founder STYCZ • Worked at @unisys-corp • Studied at @southwestern-college

ID 129038

Andy O'Dore

Philadelphia-based interactive art director, designer, thinker.

ID 578280

Ryan Katrina

ID 47002

Tyler McIntyre


A young tech entrepreneur with vision and ability.

ID 449705

Shane Pisko

DEsigner, developer, ideator, concept vigilante, and innovation addict

ID 436160

Chad Long

IT graduate with entry-level experience in Web Development and Systems Administration, looking to learn and contribute.

ID 675813

Eddie Adolf

Art Director/Sr. Designer

ID 559226

John Thompson Jr.

Founder @complex-concepts-media-group-llc, @inkyou-net

ID 428676

Najiyyah Shabazz

Founder @dear-laney

ID 84243

lindsey bell

Front end designer with experience managing content & social media.

ID 75743

P R Khan

Award-winning graphic, web & UI designer. Entrepreneur enthusiast. Architect. Tech

ID 326507

Kate Robbins

Creative Director, Designer, Problem Solver, Motivator.

ID 430696

Matthew Quatrani

On my way.

ID 109392

Ashley Pillsbury

Independent Antique Broker Former Buyer, Merchandiser Planner & Allocation Analyst for TJX Companies Design, Fashion, Art lover

ID 76822


Marketing Expert - strategy, multi-channel marketing, eCommerce, and analytics

ID 109189

Chris Pallé

Christ-following, family-loving, {human} experience craftsman. Helping build @theuxworkshop.

ID 110372

Anthony J Thompson

ID 302538

Mike L. Perry

NBC Sports Network graphic designer, print and digital designer, BFA Tyler School of Art, Temple University

ID 287123

Brian Schwartz

Over a decade of national brand experience, I visually bring to life a brand promise, a new product launch & an entrepreneur’s dreams from conception to launch.

ID 81802

Guillaume Colomb

Game Designer / Narrative Designer Focus on storytelling and Gameplay. Worked for @atari, @ubisoft.

ID 292072

John T. Kim


ID 30090

Jon Gosier


Serial tech entrepreneur, investor in frontier markets, and data scientist. Founder of: @appfrica @d8a-group @market-atlas

ID 413505

Ron Michael Zettlemoyer

Application architect; user advocate.

ID 99613


Web Designer and Front-End Developer. Fanatical about details and clean, usable design. ([email protected])

ID 356707

Jason Pijut

Creative Director/Digital Mercenary, Worked With Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger & Patriots' Quaterback Tom Brady, Winner Of Multiple Design Awards

ID 326477

Donte Ennis

Founder & CEO of upcoming start up Qwesky; Internet Entrepreneur, Self-taught computer programmer, and freelance graphics designer.

ID 79776

John Daily

excellent at design and concept construction

ID 40847

Jake Culp

17. Squarespace Freelance Designer / Developer. Learning.

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