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Malhar Deshpande

Graduate student at Drexel University.Strengths: C#, C++ Javascript, Oracle, MySQL, Algorithms. Comfortable in: Java, Servlets, JSP, Microsoft SQL Server

ID 119606

Dan Hauk

Co-founder @cucumbertown. UI/UX product design. Featured Tumblr theme designer. Portfolio of work for international & national brands. Currently at @automattic.

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Claudia Wynn

ID 442498

Jonathan Strate

Front-end software engineering lead. Strong background in UI development and UX design. Masters in engineering. Work published in IEEE Transactions.

ID 583381

Avi Zuber

5+ years in "startup development". I work hard as a team player/team leader and love it. I love designing and learning. UX/UI/Design/Dev/Prodcut.

ID 783680

Dan Hopkins

Haverford College Computer Science major

ID 800812

Legarlin Li

Student at UPenn. Full stack generalist. Strong design sensibilities. Interned at Microsoft and NewsCred.

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Alex Miller

Data scientist @smartypal-1. Experience in online marketing, backend/frontend web development, and analytics. B.A. in applied mathematics (summa cum laude).

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Oren Panitch

Self-starter front-end developer who excells in mobile development and front-end engine developer.

ID 159713

Sabir Shrestha

Software Engineering with Java and front-end JavaScript Experience

ID 815247

Chris Vasquez

Flexible skillset allows for participation in the creation process from market research to prototyping and user testing to development and launch

ID 488856

Ariel Kirkwood

Drexel Information Systems; co-founded Drexel DragonLAN, working on a web app for LAN parties called LANcenter.

ID 714671

Evan Hamilton

Web developer and student at Haverford College, Philadelphia 

ID 800780

Emily Foong

UPenn graduate with experience in graphic design, UI/UX, and SEO looking to make a big impact on a small team before returning to Wall Street

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 833194

Alex Jeong

Full Stack generallist.

ID 850358

Bebin Abraham

10 plus years in the support field.

ID 692345

Aaron Leitner

Full stack developer with 2 years of startup experience

ID 871134

Abdus-Salaam Muwwakkil

Launched an Android Application uForage

ID 47146

Yi Lao

Senior at Drexel, Information System Major & Business minor. Worked at SAP, Webjunto. Started my entrepreneurial journey since high school.  

ID 790977

Anand Patel

Computer Engineering Student with minors of Information Systems & Business Administration. I'm looking for a 3rd co-op in 2015-2016 in the SF Bay Area.

ID 829057

Guy Robinson

ID 707609

Nishtha Dalal

Drexel University, Senior, Web Developer, primarily front-end with emphasis on user experience

ID 469609


UX/Front End Developer who believes that a good app or site starts with the users first.

ID 835996

Bekim Abazoski


VP of Deliverability & Tech for All Inbox. Developer by trade, with strong sales and marketing abilities.

ID 879081

Angela Olmeda

Subject matter expert for main federal government website, 

ID 819229

Tiara Jarvis

Temple University Information Science and Technology Student

ID 427084

Frankelly Valdez

Hello, my name is Frankelly Valdez. I’m a designer and developer who dabbles in music and photography, and enjoys creating things.

ID 350024

Alex Newman

Designer // Developer // Product Manager // UX Enthusiast

ID 99613


Web Designer and Front-End Developer. Fanatical about details and clean, usable design. ([email protected])

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