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ID 55159

Troy Jensen


Co-Founder, CEO & Senior Managing Director of nxVenture Capital Ltd, an innovative private equity firm with their global headquarters in New York City.

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 489334

Jimmy Kwon

Junior at Wharton | Co-Founder/CEO of Blink | True Ventures TEC Fellow | Intern at Streetline | Investment Analyst at OATV | Designer at Seratis

ID 131794

Evan Alexander Lyons

An enthusiastic innovator, entrepreneur, and problem-solver.

ID 702507

Samantha Salley

BA from Temple University; diverse knowledge base, self-starter, ready and willing to travel, fast learner

ID 192581

Tristan Handy

COO Argyle Social, @squarespace, @deloitte. Get shit done. Finance / marketing quant, product manager, automation geek, ruby/rails developer. @UNC MBA 2011.

ID 234716

Roy Kim

MBA Candidate at The Wharton School, UPenn. Co-founded a financial start-up and a non-profit. Previous Private Equity Experience. Worked in Investment Banking.

ID 343873

Aaron L. Wadell


Founder and CEO of Motyx Inc. (SaveOn! App).Experienced startup and Fortune 200+ exec.(Procter & Gamble, Campbell, VWR);Cornell (MBA,BSEE) Wharton Exec Ed.

ID 512492

Ayako Ishikawa

Worked at Bain & Company for 5+ years/ MBA candidate at The Wharton School class of 2014 (major: entrepreneurial management)

ID 225430

Brian Weisberg, CFA


Founder @betafactory, Oslo startup accelerator • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @ibm • Studied at @wharton-school, @cornell-university

ID 806072

Mark S.Vitcov .

Highly strategic finance professional and investment banker

ID 713988

Samir Chaibi

Wharton MBA Candidate & Co-Founder/Entrepreneur @docex-legal , Experience in Investment Banking & Business Development (Media) in Europe and Middle East

ID 258816

Heather Lowe

13 yrs at Bay Area startups | marketing and product background + MBA/finance. | payments, real estate, higher ed, food/health sector experience

ID 374333

Cameron Newton, CFA


Co-founder Relevance Capital & 4Ignition Enterprises. Board member SIGNiX, Agilum, Cortac, Consensus Point, Opti-Logic.

ID 277486

Ryan Erfer

Founder at @colabination • Worked at @seventysix-capital, @ubs-investment-bank

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 334326

Brian Luong

Founder @schedulingdirect & Glimpse | Associate @bcg | Owner @scholars-at-your-service | Canada's @the-next-36 | Studied at @wharton-school, @mcgill-university

ID 753715

Stephen Pogue

Startups, Venture Capital, and Social Marketing

ID 437897

Scott Ames

Co-founder of Curbside Care, a healthcare startup focused on coordinating on-demand, in-person house calls via mobile and web-based applications.

ID 745563

Sohel Khan

CEO of SETVI. Sixteen years Technology Leadership and Strategy experience (Comcast, Sprint). MBA, Kellogg School of Management. Ph.D. EECS, University of Kansas

ID 524403

Sam Pilling

Experienced Operations and Finance Exec focused on growth and risk management. Multi-lingual with degrees from Yale (BA) and HEC Paris/Columbia (MBA).

ID 644102

Matthew Pettit

Worked at @u-s-department-of-state • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 351589

Shruti Saxena

Upenn Masters (Systems Engineering);Worked at a startup;Hardworking and Creative;Oil Painting;Speech Signal Separation;Fast Learner;Made a working prototype of a washer dryer combo.

ID 197543

Shawn Mirza

Founder @cleancoin • Worked at @sei-investments , @seventysix-capital • Studied at @drexel-university

ID 556219

Fedrick Finjap

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Strong business background; Start-up experience; Entrepreneurial mentality.

ID 410211

Maximilian Marine

Passionate about networking, hustling, and business development backed by a strong financial education. MSIM Candidate, passed CFA Level 1 on first attempt.

ID 480407

Pranay Sharma

UPenn Finance and CS Minor, Business Manager of internationally renowned a capella group and Founder of Financial Literacy Organization

ID 585246

Phil Hayes

CoFounder Head of Product @SkillsetMe

ID 508374

John Giannantonio

Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur | Analytics | Social Media | Strategy

ID 321510

Sophie Liu

Wharton MBA 2013; Co-founder of myGallist app & Focused on project management, operations, product development, business development, marketing

ID 484425

Charles Hsu

MIT biology, McKinsey, experience in global health and biomedical engineering

ID 63205

Matthew Givens

MBA Candidate at The Wharton School (Class of 2014). Finance background (3+ years at Credit Suisse), transitioning into tech.

ID 274362

Ryan Fink

Masters in finance student with background in consulting and asset management

ID 89636

Joe Spinelli

Venture Investor. Growth Capital Advisor. DJ. Perpetual student of emerging technologies.

ID 664414

Radhia Houidi

ID 704125

Craig Bazarsky

Corporate and Securities Associate; @drinker-biddle; Smartphone App creator; @ripe @phonefit

ID 561384

Minoru Motooka

Wharton MBA, Investment Banking and Audit, CPA, Looking for summer internship

ID 630440

Aaron Telch

Recent Wharton MBA grad; media, biz dev, partnerships, corp finance experience at YouTube, MTV, Morgan Stanley

ID 521229

Jacob Kornman

UPenn undergrad, university research experience.

ID 608282

Steven Yarng


ID 813358

Jacqueline Kahn

Cornell University BS 2010 - Experience financial analyst with a strong business background and passion for the start-up space.

ID 328897

Jenn Kim

ID 886428

Tim Fleury

ID 282449

Daniel Harvith

Aspiring entrepreneur, amateur tagline writer, professional potty-mouth, struggling artist, phenomenal dancer, coffee addict, adjective noun.

ID 50236

Sarah Henry

Founder of The Beehive Channel, video ad network ecommerce shopping channel. Consumer sector equity analyst. Boston University ; University of Vermont alum

ID 520881

Felipe Sinisterra

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Founded company in high school. Strong business background. Director of Corporate Relations. Cancer Researcher.

ID 467935

Kaustubh Deo

UPenn Undergrad (Wharton/College Dual-Degree); Heavy Economics/Business coursework; Marketing internship experience.

ID 466342

Denis O'Flynn O'Brien

Management consultant ready to dive into growing startup. Managed first business in college. UPenn Econ/Chinese graduate.

ID 330596

Daniel van der Merwe

Finance, marketing, sales and business strategy. Startup experience in specialty e-commerce and niche marketplace platforms. Previous PE and fortune 500 consumer brand consulting experience.

ID 288030

Aman Gupta

ID 708337

Adam Zell

Duke MMS. Self-taught finance geek. Passed CFA L3. Started fro-yo food truck. Top sales @levelup.

ID 448145


Temple Graduate Magna Cum Lauda and Beta Gamma Sigma member. , captain of men's tennis team.

ID 768124

Tahmid Shahriar

Penn CIS, launched two websites, made three Java games, currently learning iOS development

ID 391126

Aviad Reuvenny

ID 882230

Nikita Singh

UPenn - Wharton Statistics and Finance, interned at a top options trading firm

ID 847528

Amy Wu

Wharton/Penn Engineering Grad seeking impactful spring adventure with a fascination for data. Experience in credit cards, retail, big data, engineering. 

ID 350296


University of Pennsylvania alumn with strong knowledge of SMB operations, accounting, office optimization, and customer service. Crowd-funding and social enterprise development experience. Bilingual Spanish/English, conversational Italian.

ID 716460

Dave Jules

B.S in Energy, Business, and Finance w/ minor in Engineering Leadership

ID 402026

Jim Bumbulsky

Math Teacher; Teach For America Alum; Worked at KPMG in audit.

ID 465253

Jordan Hitchcock

Economics, Haverford College, Japanese, R, STATA

ID 650354

Ketan Garg

MBA (Finance) with 4+ years of experience in finance and consulting industry

ID 490725

James Brink

Hedge fund and prop trader, programmer, aspiring data scientist, studied @Lehigh looking for business development opportunities in FinTech

ID 163385

Matthew Martin

Worked at @ups, @trek-bicycle-corp • Studied at @stern-school-of-business

ID 522165

Thomas Mello

Villanova Student. Co-founder of Christian Thomas Apparel. Interested in small business. Interned at Barclays Wealth and Investment Management and A10 Capital

ID 865566

Max Gilbert

Recent graduate with considerable experience in Israeli biotech startup and VC industries.

ID 482658

Ethan Helhowski

Experienced start-up professional with a focus on building relationships, understanding their business, and bringing value to the process every step of the way.

ID 641414

Richard Rhodes

Thunderbird Alumni. CFO of international consulting group in Russia and telecom group in Republic of Georgia; hedge fund manager. Strong business background.

ID 548038

Kelly Barsan Silverman

ID 16501

David T. Domzalski

Founded @nutjobfans - sports social network & @FinancialBin - social media consulting. Self-published 2 books. Learning to code with CS50x via HarvardX / edX.

ID 847921

Greg Megerian

Cornell University B.S. I'm like a swiss army knife, I can work/assist in HR, business development, strategic planning, marketing, and project management.

ID 547197

John Leachman

Seasoned Startup Vet moving to Philadelphia & Looking to Partner with Hungry Entrepreneurs

ID 819371

Vaughn Ross

Lehigh U BA in Int'l Relations. Experienced political fundraiser looking for private sector/startup opportunities.

ID 411859

Joseph Kelly

Financial Services Assurance Senior pursuing CPA licensing

ID 501391

Michael Resnick

Professional Wheel Greaser, Cog Turner, and Doer-of-Things @topscore

ID 454158

Geoffrey Newman

BS in Finance and Accounting at Lehigh University. Well-Rounded Business Background in a Variety of Fields. Worked in External Audit at EY and internal Audit at Bimbo Bakeries.

ID 322065

andrew warshaver

CMU Comp Sci. Competition Programming - topcoder, ACM ICPC World Finals. Experience at 2 big data startups. Full stack and system architecture experience.

ID 352480

Gregory Bockhold

Wearer of many hats: people person, idea machine, innovation seeker, math guy.

ID 312643

brent rovner

Website Design, Entrepreneur, Creative, Love Testing New Strategies, Intellectual Curiosity, Finance Degree, Marketing Expert, SEO, CPC, Like to Problem Solve

ID 424635

Austin Mao

ID 357209

Jimmy Aspras

Young entrepreneurial minded dream chaser with a thirst to gain knowledge and have great and unique experiences in this world we call home.

ID 477449

Case Taylor

Student-Athlete at the University of Richmond. Junior Analyst for Spider Investment Fund. Work experience at Agecroft Partners, and Ward & Taylor, LLC.

ID 885696

Nick Murray

Finance major at Temple University. Previous experience in marketing, customer service, and leadership roles.

ID 597157

David Jones

Part owner of Electrolex Autos LLC. Investment property owner. Financial sales experience (Wells Fargo, U.S. Mortgageline). Temple University, BBA 2011.

ID 789130

Jason Kadelski

CPA with a strong business background. Worked at Deloitte and Touche.

ID 369755

Asha Habib

Bryn Mawr Math, Significant experience in CS, Data enthusiastic

ID 218908

Colin McMahon

Jack of all trades analyst with finance and data background. Avid traveler, home cook and serious beer drinker. Worked at Nationwide, graduated Ohio State 2011.

ID 523525

Mark Anthony Del Negro

MBA, Director of Development Crash Films INC, Project Manager, worked on two successful Start-Ups. Check out my latest project at:

ID 546140

Vincent Sima

Drexel University BSBA with eleven years of diverse experience in the field of financial analysis in personally, publicly, and privately owned firms.

ID 139876

Daniel Folkman

Director of Ops @thinkingaboutsports. Co-Founder @campuscribz. Passionate Entrepreneur. Studied Entrepreneurship/Finance @syracuse-university-2.

ID 526046

Matt Dougherty

SMB Strategy & Operations background. Love Data Analytics, Business Development and the Internet. CPA @ernst-and-young .

ID 392377

Gioia O'Connor

ID 328063

Phil Friedenberg

Temple Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Intermediate web development skills, passion for technological innovation 

ID 644419

Patrick DePippo

Founder of @doorit, Worked at @sap, Studied Finance at @Villanova School of Business

ID 634247

Hieu Ha

High Potential Data Analyst

ID 735473

Horatio Thomas

Junior MIS and Accounting student at Temple University

ID 395902

Ahmed Lindsay

Looking for serious investors for

ID 294251

Kam Horvath

Furman Grad. Experience with boutique i-bank and start up non-profit. Expert at identifying and solving unknown problems.

ID 562666

Yen Ju Lin

Student at Bryn Mawr College studying computer science and economics; interned at Hyundai; cross country and track & field student athlete.

ID 317322

Robert Boka

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Tech Geek, Founder

ID 856381

Jamir Savla

ID 318975

Rashiid Coleman

Successfully built, ran and maintained a website via wordpress. Also started a t-shirt line for the website entitled

ID 486116

Mike Shokin, CFA

Financial analyst, CFA with startup experience

ID 169943

Chad E. Washington

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Convergent Technology Networks. Co-Founder at Coral Island Group

ID 491993

Paul Reuscher

ID 385595

Nick Peterson

VIllanova MSF student; going into Restructuring and Business Valuation

ID 593286

Fred Bastian

Amatuer Data Scientist/Software Engineer; Start-Up Enthusiast and Student for Life

ID 799658

Mark Quitevis

General Ledger Accountant with pre- and post-acquisition startup experience.

ID 494936

Leon Degtar, CPA

Experienced CPA looking to join an engaging and exciting startup. I have practical experience managing the finances and operations of large organizations.

ID 415905

Matt Marino

Experience Financial Professional

ID 777472

Patrick Cusick

I know firsthand how a 'billable hour' based law firm operates, and I see the potential for NewLaw to take a huge share of the legal market.

ID 347301

Nick Vonesh

ID 495722

Tim Pici

Full time MBA candidate at La Salle University in Philadelphia. Graduating Aug. 14. Strong business background and an entrepreneurial mind. Ready to contribute!

ID 366022

Daryl Jurbala

Dynamic leader known for creating reliable real world technology solutions through effective planning, hands on work and team building.

ID 602320

Janelle Amosu

Philadelphia, PA Accountant working in filed for 4+ years Quickbooks and other softwares moved from Houston TX

ID 848835

JT Sellman

Temple University Finance/ Economics Major

ID 716726

Daniel Gautieri

Student-Athlete at the University of Pennsylvania. Pursing B.A. in Economics. Interned at Raymond James Financial, Inc.

ID 775318

Marc Murphy

Seasoned accountant and financial analyst looking for more excitement than the corporate world can offer

ID 482471

Drake Conlan

ID 618769

Fayaz Lalani

Drexel BSBA, Worked at BlackRock with two different teams.

ID 767397

Emily Wei

Finance, Operations, Environmental Policy & Management concentrations at the Wharton School; passionate about environmental sustainability

ID 731895

Mark Davidoff

Professional online poker player looking to find a new profession; 3 months experience in Africa attempting to start a business involving mobile technology

ID 390304

Curtis Snyder

ID 592182

Siddharth Kinghar

Babson MBA, Experienced financial roles at Deloitte and Lehman Brothers. Managerial experience in retail business followed by pricing role at Cigna.

ID 487945

Tino C. Bunhu

Chairman and CEO of Bunhu Capital Management.

ID 832349

Ece Savas

Student at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

ID 490794

Zuriñe Eguizabal

Wharton MBA 2014; Strong analytical rigor and execution skills; Worked at Bain & Company and UBS Investment Bank.

ID 387243

Nonya Collier

Wharton MBA, resourceful, diligent, creative

ID 308823

Jeff Schaeffer

To be completed at later date

ID 521673

Yuqian Li

ID 762733

Dennis Rubisch

Hands-on Entrepreneurial Executive Providing Financial & Operational Leadership in Start Up & Emerging Growth Companies

ID 656029

Priya Patel

Penn State Alum, CPA, Big 4 experience, worked for Carl Icahn, KPMG & PwC.

ID 410695

Robert Tango Jr

Financial/investment professional with 15 years experience - public accounting, investment banks, asset management and hedge funds

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